Thursday, February 2, 2017

Two Months

John Henry turned two months old on the 28th of January which was 5 days ago. Better late than never is my motto these days. Well, ok, for my life basically.

Its amazing how it seems like a light switch was flipped on as soon as he hit that mark. Actually it was a few days before that but who’s counting. I am, I guess.

 I got his baby einstein play mat out last week and set it up and he just fell in love. He loves to look at him self and he especially loves this big yellow fish that is almost as large he is! He will lay on the mat and kick and coo and laugh and its really, REALLY hard to do any thing other than just sit and listen/watch him.

About 2 weeks ago he started consistently sleeping from between 9/9:30 to 2:30/3 each night which is giving me about 4 hours of straight sleep which has given me the gift of functioning in a less zombified state. I will take it. 2 hours at a time is absolutely BRUTAL.

In essence, the postpartum fog as been lifted around here for the most part. I’m back to getting up and getting the kids off to school. Well, ready for school. Dear Daddy is still taking them to school but I pick them up every afternoon now and its nice to be back in our basic routine. I’m 100% recovered from the surgery physically and have almost adjusted to being a nursing mom but that’s a post all in itself.

 A few years ago I participated in a project365 and while it really pushed me to think and learn a lot, it was a huge challenge to do it every day. I really want to do another one but, remember, I said I am setting the bar low for my self so I won’t get overwhelmed and discouraged and quit so I decided a once a week project would be good so I’m going to do the bethadillychallenge52. And I really want to focus on getting in the frame with my kids more this year so I also want to do the getin52 project. I spend a lot of time at night drooling over the Instagram feeds of some really amazing photographers and I desperately want to connect with some of them. My desire to learn and grow and start being creative again has returned to my life, even if it is still half asleep most days. Wish me luck!!


Nelda said...

You amaze me! Love your blogging, pics, challenges to stay in the game! Go momma!

Becky said...

I'm so excited about this year's photo challenge, but you'll have to post them here, not just on Insta!
and JH looks just like Audrey now, btw.