Thursday, February 16, 2017


Henry is the best baby ever. He hardly fuses or cries. He’s just so content and happy all the time! My daddy asked if my other babies were this good and I said Olivia was. James and Audrey were not but I firmly believe thats only because they were always having to wait on the other, haha!! Henry hardly ever has to wait and if he does, he certainly doesn’t have to wait long! His brother and sisters are always so concerned if he makes the slightest the noise that could signal him getting upset. 'Mama, he’s upset! Mama, Henry’s is crying! Mama, where is his pacifier? Who ever invented pacifiers is a genius.’ Yes, yes they are!

Someone made a comment about it being hard on me with the new baby and everything else and I had to be honest and tell them that it’s really not. I’m not stressed out all day. The twins were, well, we all know what the twins were! Olivia was a great baby but I had two 4 year olds at home all day. I was stressed and tired. With Henry, I’m just tired and that is such a blessing for all involved! And since Henry is such a good baby, its super hard to come up with any interesting material to talk about! But, I am constantly making the kids laugh at me lately because I seem to be saying all the wrong words and it will take me two or three tries to say the right one sometimes!


Becky said...

I can't wait to meet this little boy who has given you the stress-free life!

Nelda said...

Love this new chapter ❤ And yes, what a sweetie pie he is!