Tuesday, February 16, 2016

School Days

I have a schedule that I TRY to map out a month in advance with Olivia’s pre-school lessons. My lesson plans are a hodge lodge of Pinterest sites and a Bible based curriculum for letter recognition. I’m not following in my husbands footsteps and I actually write my lesson plans down. Not store them in the old noggin :) Bahahaha!! Some of you will get that tasty little inside joke :)

I digress. I am kinda nervous that she might be a little behind when she goes to K in the fall (summer, who are we kidding here?) just because the others have had a whole year of strict learning time. But, we are going to do our best and say lots of prayers!! She catches on very, very quickly when I introduce new things. After we had mastered her name I decided we should buckle down on hand writing. So at the suggestion of a good friend, I ordered the book Handwriting Without Tears. Let me just say so far it’s been the absolute best thing I could of done for her! The way its presented in the book is sheer genius. Literally, hand writing without tears!! So far she can write on command F, E, D, P, B and R and thats only taken about 4 weeks! Tomorrow we will start with N. I found a great website for some work sheets for tracing when we work on fine motor skills and recently decided I would throw in some number and shape work sheets and kill 2 birds with 1 stone :) She’s gotta learn to write 1-10 before I send her off! And she can identify most of her shapes but can only draw circles.

I love my school days with her. As long as I keep things rolling along and don’t make her spend too much time on one thing she is perfectly content and happy to do her “work” and will have a semi-good attitude for about 3.5 hours :)

Below she was doing busy work by sorting all of her crayons by color :)

Sometimes we play UNO for our math lesson :)

Today I wrote all the letters she has learned thus far onto sheets of paper that I taped together to make one long sheet. I wrote each letter multiple times in a different color marker and she had to connect each letter with the color. She really liked this moving activity!! We will definitely be doing it again!

Here she is working hard at tracing those numbers. Those painted finger nails and that grip on her pencil...


Becky said...

lesson plans...truly made me laugh out loud

Those fingernails, that pencil grip, AND those lips in the last picture. Sigh

Nelda said...

Good job, manda... Love the picture after she so carefully separated her crayons. She was very pleased with herself.