Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A little October for ya

I have been one busy woman since my last post!! I drove out to Hattiesburg to help throw my sister in law, Angela, a baby shower. And I went by myself. What? Yep, I sure did and I enjoyed every minute of quiet solitude on the way out there and back and even though it was strange and weird and at times a little lonesome, I greatly enjoyed visiting and working with everyone with out having to say ‘No and stop that and don’t climb on that and leave your brother and/or sister alone” 1865 times :) The shower was a huge success, everything went off with out a hitch and Will and Angela received some wonderful things to jump start their soon-to-be-always-adding -to baby collection!!

Emily made the cake banner. So cute!

The homemade sugar scrub Emily and I made. And some straws. Haha!

Em, pinning the corsage

Antique cookie jar from Nenie

All the hosts for the shower

Yes, I realize it’s weird that my hand is on her belly. Sorry not sorry :)

Ashley always does beautiful flowers!!

Mommy and Daddy to be :)

As soon as I got back from the ‘Burg I jumped full force into the King fundraising project and I do mean PROJECT. I really had not anticipated the huge amount of work that goes into it and had my eyes opened wide to fundraising. And I do mean WIDE. Hats off to you people who do it on a regular basis. And especially to those who don’t wait until the last minute!! Wow. I plan on devoting a whole post one day to the numerous things I learned during the 6 days I ate, slept, dreamed and panicked those Kay-Row shirts :)

I’ve also organized a little daily shooting project for myself and another good friend who’s starting to get her feet wet in photography. I get bogged down so much with life and the numerous photos that I have and have yet to print that I find myself not even wanting to pick up my camera a lot of times. And my skills are suffering for it. Hoping that having a friend to talk about daily photos with and a little motivation for picking up that camera every day will get me back in the swing of things!

Yesterdays theme was “Shake it off!”


Becky said...

Oh how I love this! Shake it off was the perfect way to wrap up this post. Boy, I needed this today!

Dani said...

What a gorgeous and classy baby shower. Makes me want to have one all over again. :)

So good to see you around again.