Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Mustache’s Lady Bug

The big 7 partay went off without a hitch on Saturday. And there was NO cake drama. Can you BELIEVE it??!! Well, ok maybe there was a little bit, on Friday. I attempted a do-it-yourself tie dye cake and it was horrible. Reeeellly, reeeeellly bad, I tell ya!! But as I get older and more wiser     I know my history with birthday cakes and decided to try my hand at something really different when no one else was around and have a simple no fuss, no stress, all icing out of a pre made tube Plan B. Plan B worked very well when Plan A went to pot. That Plan A cake could very well go on a top 5 list of epic Pinterest fails :) 

They got to play for an hour on the gymnastics floor and just had a wonderful time! All 17 children never stopped running or jumping and there were no injuries which is always a good thing!!

We had an hour and a half at the Y before we had to pack it up and make way for the next party. I wasn’t to thrilled with that, considering what we paid them I felt like it would of been nice to give us at least an extra 15-30 min but whatever! We made it work. It was kinda like, here jam this cake in your mouth then wash it down with a sip of your drink. Now come over here and open all these presents. Do it quickly but don’t loose any thing especially the cards. Happy Birthday now we have to leave :)

The only thing I was really disappointed in because of the rush to get out of there was that we didn’t have enough time for the photo booth like I wanted. I snapped these 1st three before everyone got there thank goodness cause it was just madness and mayhem afterwards to try and get it done.

Olivia’s expression (bless it) just cracks me up. Is this not the typical disgruntled, over stimulated birthday party look? If you will notice in the bottom right hand corner she has a little band aid on her finger. Just moments before she smashed it in the water fountain and then somebody had the audacity to get that princess crown before she did and she had to wait her turn. It is HARD being 3 years old.

p.s. i was also really frustrated with the horrible lighting and i had to deal with some pretty ferocious color casts. my hard headed self worked it out in manual for most of the time and when i switched over to auto it was even worse so the fun processing i had in mind for the photo booth pics was sorta a wash. pun intended :)

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