Friday, February 21, 2014

If I Were President of the United States of America…..

I would just bite the bullet and upgrade my Lightroom. But I’m not and I have a really funny post to share today and I have to have some pictures for you to look at so I decided to do some outtakes from our "Christmas card session.” The 2 comedies will go well together :)

Every few months, James and Audrey’s class make a short little “book” about a subject they have been studying and they each get a turn to take it home for us to read. We have been so busy lately that homework barely gets done at night time so our nightly readings have been put on the back burner and I haven’t checked their book bags in over 2 weeks. Feeling rather guilty about being a slacker of late (and because when I got Audrey’s notebook out of hers I saw she had 40 million papers of drawings from herself and her little friends) so yesterday I went thru it. Glad I did cause I found the If I Were President book. We read it at the supper table last night since we were all there (1st time in over a week!) and we laughed and laughed. I absolutely LOVE the things kids can come up with!!

Here are my favorites but I will leave off the authors names that don’t belong to my two chill ins:

***If I were President of the United States of America I would make a law that you have to be 50 to ride in the back of a truck.

***If I were President of the United States I would be a leader! - Audrey Mizell

***If I were President of the United States of America I would make the Unite Stotes bigger bie bringing Inglin over here! - James Mizell

***If I were President of the United States I would free all the animals in the zoo.

I love Audrey’s cause instead of thinking of something she COULD do, she was thinking of what she’d BE. It’s like “If I were President, I’d be a leader, duh!”

And James, oh James!! We all cracked up laughing when his was read and he said “What?! They are our friends so why not?” And I wrote his down the exact way he wrote it cause I just love how they are trying their best to sound things out when they write on their own!! He did good!!

And could you imagine if all the animals were let out of the zoo??? Hahahaha!!! And I love to think about the how “he” got to the age of 50 to be allowed to ride in the back of a truck :)

Oops, J and O are out of focus

O, look this way while J says he’s tired of doing this 
and A’s eyes are starting to glaze over!

Out of focus again, Mom! C’mon!

 Dad says - Now put your arms like this….Aud must smell something bad
and wait!! You still have shoes on, take ‘em off!!!

Oh Olivia!!! Really???!!!

The last one is my favorite. James and Audrey look so sweet and lovely and then little O.R. down there has 3 chins, a flared nostrils and a wonky grin :)


Sam and Nelda said...

Oh how I love it! Absolutely James why not enlarge the US. Big thinking! Sweet Audge, of course she'd be a leader, duh!

My fav too! But I love all of Livey's pics. She was just there with very little intent or consideration about the matter!

Love picturing you all around the table... Love that you laugh together... Keep em coming!

Becky said...

O.R.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh how I wish he was still around. You would have gotten a kick out of that crusty old man.
The If I Were President answers were fab. Simply fab. Love the pics. Love the story. Love y'all.

Dani said...

That last one is priceless!