Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Always Mama’s Little Helper

She behaved mama very well while I was priming the bedrooms this morning. She stayed in the doorways of the rooms when she would come to tell me something or get sassy with me and say she was gonna spank me if I didn’t come put her shoes on her right now. True story. I brought a little t.v. out there and her minnie mouse couch and tons of juice and snacks and that keeps her occupied for about an hour. Then she’s ready to bother help me or begs to go outside. I let her go on the little porch since I can hear her (she’s usually always singing these days) and she comes back in periodically to tell me something. When I was done, I took my buckets and brushes outside to rinse out and she wanted to help so bad that she picked up the roller cover and gave me a photo op I couldn’t pass up! I texted the pic to Nelda and she emailed it to me so I could blog it. So, thanks Nonie!!! And, who needs a smart phone when everyone else you know has one???!!!


Becky said...

save your money, girl! I'll be your smartphone ANYTIME if you send me pictures like this!!!

Sam and Nelda said...

Presh! Of course she wants to help mom!

Totally don't mind helping out here but, I been tellin ya...GET A SMART PHONE!!!