Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sisters: MY daughters

Audrey stayed home yesterday from school with croup. Olivia absolutely adores her big sister and was over the moon that Audrey was home to play with her all day. She didn’t quite know what to think at first about Audrey being home with us all day and no Bubba but it didn’t stop her from enjoying the non-stop attention and play time.

Olivia is at the age where she wants to do everything that Audrey does. She wants to go every where that Audrey goes. And she wants Audrey to do everything with her. Audrey is such a wonderful big sister and she pays Olivia so much meaningful attention and that is why Olivia simply adores her. Audrey helps her do so much and a few that commonly occur are: she helps her up steps, put shoes and socks on her, brushes her hair, dresses her up in princess clothes and my favorite, puts her in her lap and reads to her. I’ve yet to snap a good picture of them reading cause Audrey always sees me coming and covers her face up with the book and then Olivia starts screaming cause Audrey quit reading.

Words cannot adequately describe my feelings when I watch them play together. It reminds me of me and my sister. But mostly it makes my heart swell up and feel like it could burst out of my chest when I watch MY two daughters playing so sweetly together. Watching Olivia dance and twirl around on her tippy toes when she sees Audrey doing it. Or seeing Olivia crawl down the hall way meowing like a cat because Audrey is doing it. Or if I am in my bed room and Audrey comes flitting past and then a few short seconds later here comes Olivia doing exactly how Audrey was. And watching Audrey be so kind and gentle and patient with her baby sister. Makes my heart swell, I tell ya. I seriously could watch it


Becky said...

how adorably sweet those sisters are!!!!!!!!!!!!

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

awww! I love this post. What a sweetie pie that Audrey is! So glad they have each other!