Friday, November 9, 2012

Oh, Peach! Oh, James!!

Last night at the supper table there was some conversation going about eating our veggies to grow up strong and healthy and James interjected that he would eat his veggies to grow but not grow up and leave me. He will stay with me forever. Really, he said that. So all of you remind him of that when he “falls in love” and wants to “grow up” and leave me!!

Any way, during that time Audrey interjected with “I don’t want to have surgery on my belly. It will hurt too much.” That statement threw me for such I loop, I really had no idea what she meant by it so I asked her. She says “Because when I grow up and have a baby I will have to have surgery on my belly to get it out.” Oh. My.

Talk about speechless for a few seconds. It was definitely NOT the time to explain all that to her so I told her it would be soooo worth it if she gets to have 2 little girls and a little boy like I do.

Later, as I was putting them to bed, she said it again. Completely out of the blue this time. Bless her heart, it’s apparently weighing on her mind. She’s only 5 for crying out loud!! I told her again that it would be so worth it and she’d forget the pain when she saw the beautiful face of her children staring back at her. Then I said “But Audrey, you are only 5 years old and the only things you need to worry about and think about right now is what you are going to wear to school tomorrow, who you will play with on the playground, what kind of snacks you want to eat and whether or not you are being a kind, obedient little girl.” She smiled and kissed me and hugged my neck good night.

Her brother then said “What kind of snacks are we gonna get to eat?” Oh lawd!!!


Becky said...

oh how I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily said...

They are so stinkin' cute!

Audrey just needs to hang out with Gabriela some. Given my line of work, she's very in tune with ALL the ways babies enter this world and is completely chill about it! :) Birth videos are her favorite thing to watch these days, besides Curious George. haha