Thursday, November 8, 2012

A little update

I haven’t posted lately about Olivia and the child she is becoming. She such a joy to all who are around her (when she is not screaming). She puts a smile on her mama and daddy’s face and makes her brother and sister laugh constantly. She wants to be in the middle of everything that’s going on around her and thinks she is just as big as the kids she plays with. It’s so cute to watch her in action.

Her attitude has gotten a little bigger lately too. She has no problem popping someone in the face that doesn’t do things her way or give her what she wants in the moment. We are currently trying to tame that and she’s catching on pretty well for the most part. She also doesn’t think twice about pinching someone in the face either. Especially if she is upset and said person gets in her face. She’s a little like her mama with the personal space issues!! (Just ask Jon about my personal space issues!) The other morning she pinched her finger in a drawer and was squalling real tears. Audrey, being the sweet caring soul she is, tried to comfort her and got in her face with it and Olivia hauled back and pinched the mess out of her cheek. Poor Audrey just couldn’t understand what that was about.

Her vocabulary and communication skills are also getting bigger. She can say go, wow, no no, bear, moo, bankie (for blankie) and ball in addition to all of our names. She nods her head yes when you ask her a question and 3 out of 5 times she gets it right. For example, if I ask her if she has poo poo she will nod yes and she rarely gets it wrong. For as long as I can remember we have been teaching her to say please by bringing her shoulder up to her ear and lately she does it with out me asking when she wants something. I must admit that that gesture makes it difficult to deny her what ever she is asking for!

She still loves animals (especially dogs and cats) and lately she is obsessed with teddy bears even more than before. We were walking by Build-A-Bear yesterday and she went nuts when she saw the Christmas bears in the window. I’m thinking Santa will be bringing her one :)

She loves to read books and watch Mickey Mouse. She even makes two sounds that sorta sound like Mickey Mouse when she wants to watch it. Her favorite things to eat are grapes, cheese, raisins, strawberries and broccoli. But I found out that I have to limit her intake of raisins :)

She is a champion sleeper at night time even though this time change has her waking up between 5:30 and 6:00 every morning. She has 3 blankies that my mom made out very thin material. 2 are a rosebud pattern and 1 is another small flower pattern and she is attached at the hip to them. Sometimes she has all 3 in her bed and she must have one to sleep with. She squishes them up in a ball under her chin and pats them. She drags them around the house and outside with her and sometimes she will drape it over her shoulder. They really help calm her down when she is upset. You tell her to go find her blankie because it’s night night time and she runs off to find one.

**I’m sure there are things that I’ve left out because she does new stuff every day but this is the gist of it!

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