Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Grace is graceful

Audrey’s ballet class had parent observation day last Monday (yes, a week late) and Jon, James and I went. Because of her late birthday she is still in Creative Movement so I was a little concerned she might be bored this year but after witnessing first hand what she is doing this year, I know she is not.

The Artistic Director of SGB is her teacher this year and where as last year there were only 4 other little girls in her class this year there are 12, I think. SGB moved to another location and I can no longer watch her thru the glass doors :( so I had no idea what they were doing and was really excited to get to watch.

To me, it’s much more involved than last year. I like that. And so does Audrey. She’s not shy and she participates so well and interacts with the other girls so good. Made my heart happy!!

Ms. Allison told us she was doing excellent. I tend to agree :)

Her class is on Monday’s from 4 to 4:45. It’s a bit of a hassle to pick her up from school in time to get her dressed and her hair up and make it to the studio by 4, but it is so worth it. James and Olivia and I usually go to Walgreens or the grocery during that time because I can’t watch her and the waiting room usually gets so crowded it’s stressful to contain Olivia in those surroundings. James enjoys the time with out Audrey I believe even though he always wants to get her a little treat when he gets one!!

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Becky said...

what a GORGEOUS ballerina! I #loveyourkids, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!