Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Supper time with the Peach

Audrey, pick your fork up and eat some supper

Audrey, get your leg off your brother's chair

Audrey, get up from under the table

Audrey, don't talk with your mouth full

Audrey, stop sliding out the back of your chair

Audrey, you can't lay across the table

Audrey, dear, you have to eat your supper

Audrey, don't spit your drink back in your cup like that

Audrey, you are going to choke if you cram all that food in your mouth at once

Audrey, swallow your food child

Audrey, you have to eat your supper. Please???

You laugh but these are all things we say to Audrey during supper. Granted, we usually don't say all of them at on sitting but, rest assured, they will all get said at some point during the week! The child is a trip. A stone cold trip and even though it can get frustrating at times watching her squirm so much instead of eating, we can't help but get tickled at her most times. Of course, she doesn't know that! She's always been a mover and a shaker and the only times she's still are when she's sleeping, reading or very sick. But it seems that when I call for everyone to come to the table she gets an extra dose of ants in her pants. Oh and by the way, her brother has usually licked his plate clean and is either asking for seconds or requesting his "surprise" for making a happy plate by the time Audrey has successfully eaten 4 bites!


Beth said...

I have one just like her! Becca's latest thing at the table is,
"Guess what I feel like doing? DANCING!!!" So she gets up and dances, and no we are not pleased by this! Ahhhh, one day they will sit in their seats and finish their meals. Lillie pretty much does, haha she is 6 :)

Becky said...

Audrey, dear...that's my favorite.

Dianne said...

I'd like to have a few "ants in my pants" if it would get me away from the table...FOOD, in general. James doing what a mans' got'ta do. Eating. A man and Old Women! I remember the sessions. Love the memories through your routines.

susan said...

O I really can't wait to be with them again! You are such really good parents to see the humor in Peach's dinner antics instead of getting mad at her! She can't hewp it!

Sydney Sanders said...

Too cute!

Kelly Spezzano said...

if I got a nickel for every time I had to tell joshua to eat/sit down/feet down/etc. I would be one rich momma! But alas, all I get is a big ol' headache! :) Love the pic of James in his apron! Too cute