Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No name calling

6 weeks ago:
The 4 of us were in the car driving some where and Jon was picking on me about "getting bigger" and he called me a beached whale. James pipes up and says "Daddy, you can't call mommy a beached whale." He's such the gentleman!

4 weeks ago:
The 4 of us were eating supper and James randomly reminds his father, "Daddy you can't call mommy a beached whale." Oh if I could of captured the look on Jon's face at that moment!!!

1 week ago, while in Birmingham, Audrey was sitting at the breakfast table being really silly and I told her she was a nut! She says "I'm not a nut!" I say "Yes you are!" And with hardly a pause she says "If daddy can't call you a beached whale, you can't call me a nut." Big sigh, "No, dear, I guess I can't!!"


Becky said...


Sydney Sanders said...

About time! :)

And James brought up the "beached whale" the morning after the wedding when we were on our way to church! That cracks me up!

It reminded me of when we were on our way from Cairo to NOLA this summer...every time you got out of the car to pay for gas, go to the restroom, or buy something, James and Audrey would say: "Don't leave Mommy, Daddy."

And his reply: "I've never left your mother. I'm never going to leave your mother. I love your mother. I don't know why you two think I want to leave her."

Haha...they protect you! They got yo backkkk.

Sam and Nelda said...

Grandaddy says, "WOW, they have memories"! stand corrected! Guess I missed that one. nb

Amanda said...

Sydney, I KNEW there was another time he had brought it up but for the life of me couldn't remember when!! That was hilarious too!! My fav part is how he so randomly will bring it up
And if I can say nothing else, I can at least say my kids do have my back :)

Amber said...

LOL!!! Jay used to call me "Big 'un" when I was pregnant. The sad part is that Nate is 3, and I am still referred to as "Big 'un" on a regular basis.

"Whatcha doing Big 'un?"
"You ready to go, Big 'un?"
"Make me some dinner Big 'un."

Dianne said...

Feels like you've been away for AGES! Most checked site on my bookmarks. Love the beached whale and love the children are protective of their Mama. And, that Audrey is defending herself...SWEET post, 'manda.

susan said...

The child is certainly quick on the uptake!