Friday, March 4, 2011

One more lemon

As I was reading over the comments on my Lemonade post, it reminded me that I left out a very important part: After I had calmed down and was semi-happily munching away on my french fries, I hear a little voice pipe up and say "Mommy, you should of said please to that lady for your drink." I almost ran off the road while choking on my fry. What??? Did I really just hear my son say that to me??? I asked him what he'd said and sure enough, he repeated it exactly the same. I wasn't hearing things. My 3 year old son just "corrected my behavior" instead of consoling me. He didn't stop there though, oh no. For the rest of the ride home every so often he would say things like "Mommy, you shouldn't cry about your drink" or "Mommy, you should ask nicely for your drink" or "It's ok that that lady didn't give you your drink" or "You should say please nicely next time to that lady." Talk about kicking someone when they are down. Making this poor mother feel like I've done a horrible job at teaching my children compassion or that perhaps I correct my children far too often and am now reaping those benefits. What ever the case be, I felt like James telling me that was just the perfect way to end that terrible trip that went horribly wrong!!


Sam and Nelda said... could be glad to know that James has been taught to be nice to people and that he noticed that you left off the "please and thankyou"... LOL

Lovin the life and times of the Mizell's!!!! nb

susan said...

Well said, Nelda, and I strongly, strongly, agree. Always look for the beauty first- it may be hiding sometimes! Stay joyful and happy, Amazing Amanda, Full of Grace! You are one of the top three best Moms I've ever known.

Sydney Sanders said...

Oh, my!