Thursday, November 18, 2010

Disney: Day 2, Part 1

We all slept good Friday night, well every one but me! Still too excited I reckon. It had been chilly enough on Friday to wear jackets most of the day and Friday night was down right cold. We figured it would be warmer on Saturday but it was not so we made a quick stop at Target before we went to the Magic Kingdom for the day and bought the kids hats and gloves. The cheapest and probably smartest purchase of the whole trip!

This time we hopped on the train straight to Toone Town but it didn't open till 10 and it was 9 so we made a pit stop in Adventure Land. And it was an Adventure. Our favorite ride there is Pirates of the Caribbean and when we walked past it there was no line which is something I've never seen before. So, we decided since there was no wait to hop on it. Weeellll, they had made some changes to the beginning of the ride and it was a little a lot scary for a certain little boy. Poor baby, he kept asking to get off in between gasps of air from crying. Audrey was un phased. We tried very hard after the scary part to reassure him that it was all pretend and the pirates were just like the ones he LOVES to touch in Walgreen's. And we pointed out all the dogs and chickens and ladies chasing Pirates with brooms that we could find. That helped a little and we did get a few laughs out of him. He calmed down for most of the rest of the ride but he was still asking to get off. However, as soon as we got off, he was talking about it and how much he liked he it and how he wasn't scared but he did cry and that he wants to ride it next time we go. Yeah, sure he does!

There was still hardly no one in Adventure Land so we hit Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride a few times. Well, I rode it once and dear old dad rode the next few times!

We walked around for a while after that trying to decide if we should do the Jungle Cruise but they kept insisting they wanted to got Mickey and Minnie's house so we headed that way. It was so nice to be in a part of the park that wasn't crawling with people for a while and we almost hated to leave it! On our way to the Mouse's House's we found a show to watch and they loveeed it!!

As we were walking to Toone Town, we passed the Race Track and I asked Jon if he thought the cars would be too loud for James because if not he should take James to ride them while Audrey was seeing Princess's again. Before Jon could answer me, James piped up with "Yeah!!! I wanna ride race cars!" So  that's what we did. We went into Mickey's house because we hadn't gotten to do that the day before and then got in line to see Mickey and Minnie again.

After that we parted ways and Audrey and I stood in line for the Princess's and Jon and James went to ride a race car. We only had to wait 15 minutes this time and were out before the boys got in their car which made me very happy because I could now get pictures of them in the car. You ask James what his favorite part of Disney was and he will say driving my yellow race car with daddy. Talk about a certain someone beaming with pride!!

Is this a Big Mo wave or what??!!

We found Tigger and Pooh Bear waiting for us after the car ride.


Sam and Nelda said...

Walt Disney had a great idea. Glad ya'll had so much fun. Dad

Poor lil Jamesy! It's a big difference in "playin pirates" and being with some that look SO REAL!
Great pics! Great reporting~ nb

Becky said...

So much to say!
1. Their faces in these pictures are the one watching the show
2. Hilarious that J loved Pirates AFTER it was over
3. Great Big Moe wave
4. Love the foot up on the log of the Aladdin ride
5. Don't you LOVE the train tip?
6. What was Dora Pollet doing on the Aladdin ride?
7. Who do Sam and Nelda think they are beating ME????????? Have they checked for an update all morning like I have? Doubtful

Amanda said...

Right back atcha:
1. Must u always correct our spelling? U r just like Ross
2. What foot on the Aladdin ride???
3. Train tip was the best ever!
4. Dora and CJ were our secret helpers at DW. Can't believe I slipped and put a pic of her on here. Oops.
5. U must be getting slow in your old age.

Becky said...

1. the foot is propped on the sign in front of the Aladdin ride.
2. Who knows why he spelled it with an e...No e anywhere in the name. Classic. But just thought you should know.