Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Disney: Day 1, Part 2

So our decision to leave and go take a nap was a good one. They both slept for 2 1/2 hours and Jon and I got a few minutes of shut eye too. I think it was about 4:30 when we left to go back and when we got there  there were a lot of people leaving so that made us real happy! And the no neck monsters were in MUCH better moods this time around and enjoyed every single minute of it!!!!

This is one of my favorite pictures

We headed straight for Toone Town this time and got in line for Mickey and Minnie. They were so excited and didn't hesitate when it was finally their turn to go hug them. It was so great to see them so comfortable with them, we were a little concerned that they might freak at their size but they were cool with it.

There is just something about the way this little girl hugs that melts my heart. It's so loving and tender. While James' over there is a great big bear hug!!!! Just like their personality's!!

Does any one else find it humorous (or sad) that a mouse is taller then me????

 After Mick and Min, we went to play on the playground across the street and they had a great time. It was a challenge to try and keep up with both of them and take pictures of them in such a large crowd of youngins!! Glad there was two of us and only two of them this time!!

Poor Peach!

Next we went to stand in line fore the Princess's. While we were waiting, I got a text message with a picture of some girls hand with a beautiful ring on her finger. It was from Will, Jon's brother. He had just popped the question to his girlfriend, Angela, and she said YES!!! So we have a wedding to look forward to in a few months. So exciting!!! And it's neat that it's part of our Disney story!

On to the Princess's. This look on Audrey's face......could it be any sweeter? This was her first glimpse of Cinderella and this smile alone is worth every penny and every once of energy we spent!!

Belle was laughing at how loud these two were saying cheese!!!

After our visit with the Princess's, they got to pick out a souvenir and Audrey immediately picked this Minnie. I took her all over that store to let her see everything to make sure that that Minnie was what she wanted and she never once changed her mind! Jon took James around and he had picked out something that I don't remember what it was and at the very last minute he saw this Buz and changed his mind!!

Waiting for the fireworks. It was COLD!!

James did not like how loud the fireworks were so he covered his ears. It didn't bother Audrey, she had looks of pure amazement on her face the entire time. (Nice shot of my nostrils, huh?!)

James was just not enjoying the show so I suggested that Jon put his hands over James' ears since they are bigger and that seemed to do the trick. Even though his face doesn't show it in this picture, he really enjoyed them after that. He was able to concentrate on how pretty they were instead of how loud.

Almost every firework that would go off and light up the sky got this reaction out of Audrey. Her eyes would get really big, she'd say "wow" and then break out in a huge grin!! To see that childish innocence all over her face made me cry. It was amazing.


Sam and Nelda said...

So glad that they were able to enjoy every single minute of their next visit!

As far as you being shorter than a mouse...your dad says, with some people, the Lord was interested in quality than quanity!

LOL...Peach did look a little at odds on the playground...(good pic)

What a thrill it must have been for them to get to shop for their own pick in the Disney Store!

Thanks for bringing it alive...I can just picture it all so clearly...just like we got to share it with ya'll!

Becky said...

These pictures are the best ever! They really paint such a fabulous picture of your wonderful vacation. I love them all! Too hard to pick a fave.

Tara said...

Awe, I wanted to cry too! All of the pictures are so precious and it is a "magical" experience, but to look at and see it through your childs eyes makes it even more magical! Glad ya'll had a great time!

~sydney~ said...

You make me wish I was with you guys!!!! That pic of Audrey's first sight of Cinderella makes me tear up every time I see it. I'm so glad you guys had such a good time. You can see the magic in their eyes!