Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving night

On Thanksgiving night James and Audrey spent the night with my mom, Nanny B, so that Betsy and I could get up at the insane hour of 5 am to start our Black Friday shopping spree at Wal-Mart. This is the first time they spent the night there by themselves and they were super excited! Mom got out all kinds of toys for them to play with and that just added to their excitement. I was a little concerned that Audrey might have a little break down if I left before they went to bed so I hung around till they were a little less excited so they could go to sleep. Audrey has become quite attached to me lately, especially in unfamiliar surroundings and since they were to young to remember the last time we spent the night there, I thought she might get all worked up if she saw me leave. You see, when we come into town we always stay with my sister because Hannah Grace rules the roost on where James and Audrey spend the night! And lets just say when she found out that Audrey wasn't sleeping in her room that night, the tiny drama queen that lives inside her little body came out and put on quite the performance! But once she understood that the minute she woke up she'd get to go to Nanny B's to play she calmed down enough to fall asleep on the ride home!
This little table was one that I played on when I was a kid and James and Audrey are almost old enough to have it passed on to them. As soon as their legs get a little longer(so as they wont tip out backwards while unsupervised. I don't need something else to have "supervise"!)mom is gonna bring it to our house. In the mean time it's a treat for them to get to play with it when they visit their grandmother, they thought they were big kids that night!! Altough, Audrey had to get up every 2 minutes because, well, the child just cannot be still!!
Pictured above: I guess James didn't want his new friends to get away!

Don't tell his daddy he had on a pearl necklace and was playing with a pink pocketbook!
Betsy and I didn't get up at 5 but we did get up at 5:30 and were at Wal-Mart by 5:45 scooping up the deals! Daddy was at the house so we left Hannah and Matthew sleeping but took Samuel with us. He was a little trooper to be out so early and in such cold weather!
But by the time we went back to the house, took Hannah and Matthew to Nanny B's, went to Macon and shopped at the mall for a couple hours, he had lost interest in all the people and bright lights of the season!


~sydney~ said...

How fun! That picture of Jamesy's new 'friends' was so cute! Gosh, are they smart or what?!

Dianne said...

Great pictures, 'manda. Can't pick a favorite although I DID love J & A sitting at your childhood table. Sweet! They're growing up. Spending the night away from Mama. And, I can just imagine the fun you and Betsy have, Samuel accompanying, doing the Black Friday. I did the Cyber Monday. That's MY speed, nowadays. Thanks for photos and bylines. I am such a big fan.

Emily said...

First, I think I recognize that table from downstairs in the house in Dublin!

Second, I want to know who had more fun: James and Audrey, Nanny B, or Mama and Aunt Bets?

And third, oh my gosh! If that Samuel gets any chubbier I don't think I will be able to handle it. I've never seen cheeks I want to squoosh so much!!!

su said...

So thankful that they have so much love in their lives.!