Monday, July 27, 2009

A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly

This past weekend Jon and I were blessed to have some of our dearest friends grace our home with their presence. Jay, Amber, Abby, Emma and Nathan Ferrell, Michael, Dana, Alli and Joshua Hataway spent Friday thru Sunday here with us and we had the most glorious time. It was one of the best weekends we have had in, well, ever! We laughed so much I am still smiling. We stayed up so late into the night talking that I am yawning as I type! But we made some wonderful memories and all agreed that this must be made a yearly event!

You don't often find 6 people who all get along perfectly and have so much in common. During the day the guys spent hours discussing scriptures and such and us girls spent hours talking about our children and laughing our heads off at random comments in between diaper changes and juice cup refills! At night, after the much anticipated bed time for the wee ones, we all sat around sharing our opinions on how to solve all the problems in the world and tons of other random subjects. It felt good to laugh so much and be in the presence of such wonderful people.
Our kids hit it off from the start and played together as if they see each other every day. They had plenty of room to roam around and they just had a blast from sun up to sun down. Period.
When I went through my pictures from the weekend I was bummed to see that I hardly took any and the ones I did take aren't that great. And I didn't get any of all the kids together or any of us "adults". Amber I hope you got some! Wait a minute, who am I talking to?!!!Allie bug has the sweetest little disposition and the tiniest voice to go along with it!
Emma and Audrey are cut straight from the same cloth. They both have that mischievous smile in their eyes, that evil laugh and that sassy attitude that is so cute sometimes you can't do anything but laugh at them! When I saw them in the toy box I knew I had to freeze the moment and
one night the play room had "thrown up all over itself" (don't know who could of done that!) and I had to freeze that moment as well!!!You guys, we had such a wonderful time and will carry these memories with us for years to come. Thank you for coming and thank you for such wonderful friendships! We love you!!!


Dana said...

We had such an awesome time too! Thank you so much for letting us all come. By the way, tag your it for future get togethers. You were the best hostess in the world! And I have been smiling all day too thinking of the fun we had. Love you guys!

Sam and Nelda said...

How precious!I laughed outloud while reading this...I'm so happy for you that you had such a wonderful time...You two have been blessed with the perfect "Old Baptist" house and blessed with kindred to help make the memories in it...You have most definately "shewn yourselves friendly"... I love you! nb

Amber said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Yeah, that playroom was a disaster! :) I have been laughing all day at random comments from the weekend. Oh, we had so much fun. And yes, you all are the best hostessessess in the world and have the coolest house ever. Wanna trade? :)

Miss you all!!

Dianne said...

'manda, good phraseology...the toy box "throwing up" all over itself. Gave me a grin. You know I love words. And, I also love the kinship/friendship you share with these other like minded folks. Y'all have WORLDS, naturally and spiritually speaking, in common and what a truly unique experience to share lives and love. I'd vote for it to be an annual affair. Love you guys BIG!

Dani said...

Looks like ya'll had loads of good old fashion PB fun! I can imagine all those kiddos together was a real ball.