Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beach pictures will have to wait

So I'm standing in the kitchen tonight, cleaning up after supper and I see James pass by me with a baby under his arm. He was heading for the dining room where I had the music playing and when music is playing and he goes in there, he's going to dance. I knew that if he was going in there to dance with that baby I was fixin' to see it all! Shore 'nuf, my son walked all the way from the play room to the dining room to dance with his baby!! I must say, he will make a good dance partner for a young lady some day!


~sydney~ said...

Oh. how. ADORABLE!!! He is sOOOOO sweet! Oh and btdub...Ole Daddy sings that song (that was playing in the background) all the time!

Sam and Nelda said...

How sweet was that! Oh my goodness...has he seen Daddy and Momma dancin???

Dianne said...

Welcome home, Mizell family. Am looking forward to sun and sand pics but this was plenty good enough to satisfy till then. James gon'na be smooth-h-h-h, when he learns not to chunk his partner. lol What an adorable child. And, young man's got gut taste in music..that sounded like Ol' Hank heself!