Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Got Milk?

James and Audrey had their 18 month check up today and once again we left feeling reassured that we are doing a good job of raising our kids and so thankful that the Lord has blessed us to have such a wonderful pediatrician. However, even though we left feeling good about our efforts in the growth of our children, we also left with splitting head aches because they were BAD the whole time we were there. And I mean BAD. What happened to my sweet, quiet, content to be in the exam room children? The children that only wanted you to hold them, not get down on the nasty floor? I'm telling y'all they were getting kinda bad before they hit 18 months, but 6 days ago the flood gates opened. Don't get me wrong; they are still the sweetest children ever and we still have a blast on a daily basis (even thought that blast may only last 10 minutes!) but they whine almost constantly now and are into EVERYTHING. If a mess can be made, they will make it! For example:This happened with 30 seconds this morning. I must say though that she has smelled baby fresh all day! Any way, back to the title. Doc said they are both growing beautifully on their growth charts and he is very pleased.
Audrey: Height-30 Weight-20.12 Head 46.4
James: Height 29.75 Weight 21.8 Head 46.8
Then he asked "They are drinking milk every day, right?" Uh-oh. I told him no and before I could even finish he says "Most children don't like the taste of milk but it is very important for them (especially Audrey) so this is a battle that you must win." Awe man. I groaned and asked him didn't he know how hard that this was going to be? He laughed and said "Just leave and let dad take care of it!" Now, I know that not all pediatrician's take such a hard line on the milk issue (because you can get calcium from other things) but ours does and I feel very strongly that our children are as healthy as they are today because he took such a hard line when they were infants and in their most vulnerable stage. So, I am going to follow his "rules" once again and engage in the battle of 4-6 oz. of whole milk twice a day. And it will be a battle, let me tell ya! A long time ago I tried chocolate and strawberry flavoring. I've tried cold and I've tried warm. Any other suggestions out there?
Here are a few pictures from their first Easter egg hunt last Saturday! We all had such a good time and James really caught on to putting all his eggs in one basket! Audrey was more interested in trying to break into the candy than finding eggs!


Becky said...

Thing One and Thing Two!!!!!!!!!! We knew it long ago...even before they were born. But, they look so innocent in their Easter best...are you sure you're not staging those "bad" pics? You know you can't get away with this once they start talking!

the ladner family said...

i love Audrey's dress! It fits her perfect! they are so precious. do u have locks on those cabinets because if you don't it's not their fault...

Dianne said...

Oh, my, what gut news from your pediatrician! I still believe milk is the "miracle beverage". But, then, I LOVE milk.

Audrey's Easter Dress was so perfectly perfect for her! Finding eggs...the four together in the parting shot...beautemous, 'manda.

I could almost smell the baby powder! I still love that, too.

Happy Day, Little Mama

Ms. Robin said...

Amanda Grace,
The pictures of the Papoopsies were wonderful.......especially the 'baby powder' one.......I just "love" the smell of baby powder! I'm smellin' it NOW just from that picture!
Have you thought of trying to make some home-made vanilla (or chocolate) pudding from whole milk?....... that way, you could easily get some milk into those babies ......they would love some pudding on special occasions ! I have a wonderful recipe for it if you want it !
Sorry I didn't get to talk to you on Sunday.......had to leave immediately after Church. I have injured my knee......I was in a significant amount of pain...Please pray that I can get mobile again......We all need the prayers of those we love.......we just all have 'different' needs. The orthopedist put a shot in my knee, hoping for better days now ! Please pray for me.....I pray for all of you daily. Lots of love......and kisses for the little ones. Have a lovely Easter.....and eat a Chocolate Bunny for ME !

Emily said...

I am totally with your kiddos on the milk thing. I've never been able to drink the stuff - but I've gotten all paranoid about calcium after reading how a baby robs calcium from mommy's bones if she doesn't consume enough while prego. (Also why I started calling Z Baby my little leach!)

A couple ways I've started drinking milk:

In the blender mix frozen fruit and milk (strawberries, bananas, blueberries - all good choices -although I usually use more exotic fruits living in Brasil and all) You could cheat (simplify) and try just mixing juice with milk too.

Make a fake shake by blending milk with a little chocolate powder and ice.

~sydney~ said...

Gosh how adorable are they!?! The Easter Egg hunt pictures are so so cute! the last one of Jamesy looks JUST LIKE JON.
I bet you just can't help but laugh at everything thing one and two get into! so cute!

Becky said...

Emma is going to be a wonderful grandmother...I think she has spent too much time with SuSu and Nenie! (but I have to agree with her...)