Friday, January 16, 2009

I just wanted to quickly inform everyone that my sons personality is budding out with each passing day. Last Saturday night while we were at some friends of ours home, James went into to the living room while we were all eating supper and started preaching to a wooden bird that was on the coffee table. It was hilarious. He kept saying the same thing over and over and kept getting louder and louder. And ever since then he talks real loud to his books and the thin air. I wish I knew what he was saying! And Miss Peach has gotten real whiny. The way she moans and whines will make you think she is in an awful way. But as soon as you pick her up she shows her dimples and starts talking to you like everything is fine. Can we say drama queen??Not only is James' personality budding, he has also started exploring all his options. For example: He has knocked over 2 lamps, washed his hands in the toilet 3 times and all items within eye level have been formally introduced to his tongue at least once, if not more! He even licked the bottom of the tub the other night after all the water was out!


Nenie said...

Oh,Mannio! Let me be the first to say,WOW!
You do have the ingredients for a fruitcake! One perfect peach and lots of sugar!

Thanks and
Love Nenie.

~sydney~ said...

why is nenie always so cute with her comments?! it's soooo not fair! they are so cute and adorable! miss sooooo much!

Dianne said...

Every facet of sensation will be tested. Taste, smell, feel, touch!

James a natural born preacher! How sweet the tho't.

Audrey, first photo, back to the camera, "feeling" of and "tracing" the design on the screen door frame is heart crunching.

We're seeing the world through these childrens' eyes and my world never looked so good.

Becky said...

Can't believe Nenie didn't comment on the preacher in training...sorry to tell you his father did the EXACT same thing at that age.
I miss them!

Amanda said...

Becky, that's the first thing I thought of while James was doing it!
Nenie, would Jon be the nuts and I the rum? Or vice versa? Or maybe we're both nuts!!!

su said...

Boy does that bring back sweet memories. I still have the shoeshine kit Jon used as a pulpit to preach when he was James' age. I think I'll just bring it next time I come.