Thursday, July 6, 2017


On our trip to New Orleans at the end of May, Audrey rode with me out there and Olivia rode back with me. Now, I need to take this moment to say that Audrey was an absolute dream! She is the one you want with you on long rode trips. N.e.v.e.r. made a peep. Never got frustrated with Henry. Never asked when we were going to stop for food, lol!!

Olivia was so excited to get to FINALLY sit next to Henry in the car! She did great for the couple hours or so. Tending to him, giving him his pappy and handing him toys and then it all just got to be to much for her and I heard her double name him and say yell:

JohnHenry!!! You have to stop spiting that paci out when I’m not looking!!!!!!

And then a little bit later, exasperated, she declares:

I’m tired of this. He won’t stop fussing and I can’t watch t.v.!!

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Becky said...

WHEW! Just caught up ! I LOVE the new cover photo (been waiting for that), and I LOVE THESE POSTS!!! You are a rock star.