Monday, July 3, 2017

5 months with Henry (April)

At five months old, Henry:

You Bring our faces close to yours.

You give a little cough when you get excited.

You have started to be very ticklish.

You love to grab daddy’s hair and his beard (daddy had to trim his beard way back because of this!).

You smile at EVERYONE.

You wear 9 month footed pajamas and 6 month onesie’s.

You started getting your foot stuck in the slats on your crib. When it first started to happen you would just lay there quietly until someone checked on you but you’ve since changed your mind on that approach!

You had rice cereal for the first time this month and you cry out when you don’t get it fast enough.

You sort of like to take water from a bottle.

You kept waking up giving me an awful fit in the middle of the night so I put you on your tummy finally to sleep and you started sleeping all night!! Praise.the.Lord. Praise the Lord!! We also extended your feeding times from every 3 to every 4 hours. That was such a wonderful, glorious day.

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