Friday, March 14, 2014

Life is a series of problems...

‘Life is a series of problems that we must solve – one then the next then the next until we die’. – I sit here surrounded by boxes and complete silence. Olivia is asleep and the only noise I can hear is the occasional vehicle that passes by on this quite country road. And my wind chimes. The ones that a sweet couple sent to me when we first moved down here and have accompanied me through 3 moves now. I love them. My sister doesn’t. They remind her of Tropical Storm Faye that passed through here about 6 years ago. Her and her kids got stuck down here with us (she was teaching a class in Tallahassee) during that event and we spent 2 horrible, hot and sleepless nights listening to those wind chimes. It still baffles me why in the world I didn’t take those things DOWN during that time. Haha!

I’ve hesitated today wether to blog about this or not but I figured why not? Pretty sure my 3 devoted followers already know and those who occasionally stop by might feel inclined to pray for our situation. Curious now, aren’t ya?! Ok, well long, long story short we moved into our ”new” house on Monday of this week only to find out later that day that the people who are “buying” our “old” house hit a major roadblock and have had to go another way to try and get the financing that they need. What does this mean? It means that there is a good chance these people won’t be able to buy our home and we will be faced with the decision to pack up and move back until we can find a buyer or stay here and wait it out.

It was quite a large pill to swallow and while it’s finally found it’s way down, we are still a little on edge simply because instead of having the finality of knowing this is it, we will be here for a good long while we are looking around thinking “ok, what should I un-pack?” Over these last few days I’ve unpacked a good portion of the kitchen because the last thing I could bare to do was eat another meal from a restaurant. I don’t care if I have to pack it all back up in 30 days or not. Our meals for the next month will be coming from my kitchen!! I’ve picked a spot for storing boxes that I know we can live with out for the next month so we aren’t tripping over anything any more. The kids rooms are comfy and cozy for them and  I’ve got the bathrooms squared away so that no one is looking for a toothbrush or hair brush. So, basically, the essentials that will make it feel like we are “home” instead of just camping out. Which we had our belly full of over the last few weeks. We also had our belly full of no family time and we are definitely making up for lost moments on that end. As soon as the kids come home from school we go outside and other than homework and supper, we stay out there until dark.

The Lord is still good and his mercy endureth forever. He’s protected us from disaster. Even though our current situation isn’t ideal and is certainly not what we were expecting and while it does give us our moments of downtroddenness (lol, i don’t’ know if that is exactly a word!) at least we don’t find our selves paying two mortgages. We can get out of this rental if we decide to and just go back and wait it out. And as my daddy has been saying ever since we put our house on the market almost a year ago, if we have to be “stuck” in a house, it’s a pretty nice house to be “stuck” in!

In the meantime, I am on vacation. I mean it. I’ll pay the bills and sweep a floor and wash a dish and cook a meal but other than that, I’m on vacation. We are spending the spring in our country home and intend on squeezing every minute of fun out of the days as we can. Just in case we have to go back :) And let me assure you, the giggles and squeals that the one pictured above and the 2 pictured below deliver us on a daily basis certainly puts a smile on our faces and makes the time easier to pass!!


Aubrey Sanders said...

gosh, I almost feel bad for complaining about seeing TRUTH BE TOLD 14 times a day for the last 2 weeks. almost.

Beautiful pics, and as always, beautiful post. It was worth the wait. I guess.

Aubrey Sanders said...

UGH! Aubrey was signed in again!!!!!!

Sam and Nelda said...

Soooo glad that you captured this huge deliema with your wonderful way of blogging! I knew you were pressed out of measure and I'm so thrilled that you have risen to the occasion and are making this work for your sweet family!
SeiZe the moment and enjoy your Springtime at that beautiful country home!
Love the pictures and picturing the kids rooms all cozy and sweet...
Don't forget, tribulation worketh patience! You should have a boatload after this!
Praying! And expecting!
Love ya!

Dani said...

We will be praying about it too. And enjoy the Spring, after this Winter everyone should have some time to unwind and warm up.