Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Little Pink Toes

My baby girl had a first the other night; I painted her teeny tiny toe nails for the first time. It was so cute and so sweet that I am kicking my self for not having the video camera rolling. Ugh.

Any way, it was time to paint Audrey’s again and we tried to sneak off to my bathroom so Olivia wouldn’t get in the middle of it and make a mess but she was in a serious mama mood that night and had a melt down out side of my door. Not a fit either, a serious ‘I am heart broken because I need my mommy’ kind of melt down. So I let her in and much to my surprise she left the bottles alone. Instead she sat down next to us and scooted her chubby little feet into the mix and sweetly but assuredly stated ‘My tuwn pwease. Toes powish pwease.’ Well who could resist that? Not this soft old mama and not even Audrey who thought it was so cute she couldn’t stop giggling at her little sister!

It was fun to paint them and she did really well with not touching them until they were dry. I’m still shocked at how well she did but when I think about it she is almost 2 years old and is growing up. *SIGH* She was so stinkin cute afterwards about looking at them and showing them to every body that she even made her daddy talk in a seriously silly voice. I’m still laughing about that :)


Sam and Nelda said...

She wants to be part of the girls! How sweet is that.

Becky said...

she's a big girl now! :(