Thursday, May 9, 2013

End of Year Program and a Few Random Facts

James and Audrey had their end of the year program Tuesday morning and man did they do GREAT!! All the kids did; no body got stage fright and they all used their super duper LOUD voices!! It was so much fun seeing them up on stage, performing with their friends. But at the same time it was surreal seeing them up there. I know they have been in school for almost 10 months but it’s still hard at times to believe they are as old as they are!!

They sang lots of songs and they each had a letter from the alphabet that stood for something that they got to say into the microphone. The twins did so well and I was so proud of them!! They really are some of the cutest kids alive. After their program we went to the pre-k play ground and ate pizza and cake and visited with friends. It was a good morning! And I am so proud of how well rounded my children seem to be. I just finished filling out the ticket order form for Audrey’s dance recital that will be on June 1st and I am so excited about that! Her costume is so pretty this year. Oh and we went to the dentist today and WOO HOO no cavities!!!!! The dentist did tell me that they don’t have any loose teeth right now but that should be happening with in the next year or so. I say BOO HOO to that.

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Sam and Nelda said...

Love it! I agree with the auther of this blog. The twins are so well rounded! Fun watching them grow and change~