Friday, December 16, 2011

The one where she jumps

So, no cookies yesterday and unless I get a wild hair, none today. Maybe we will do them at the grandparents house. Let them clean up the mess! Anyhoot, Olivia is trying so hard to crawl these days. She can scoot backwards and forwards and get up on her knees and rock back and forth.

Her latest trick is jumping. I have serious issues with loading a video on the blog so I am not even going to attempt that this morning. Not much time to waste so you will have to use your minds eye to see her jump. When she’s up on her knees and wants a toy that’s out of reach, she literally jumps like a frog to get to it. It’s the funniest thing. She jumps, then flattens out her legs, then draws them up again, then jumps again. It’s a hoot! And just in the last 2 days, she’s started doing the Cleopatra side roll. Y’all know what I mean.

We have 1 week to Christmas. We’ll see if she starts crawling by then! She’s an angel, bless her heart, and she’s fixing to get thrown into the Jon Mizell family Christmas extravaganza!! We are making 2 pit stops on "the way" to Louisiana to do Christmas with my mom and sister and then dad. We’ll be in Louisiana a few days before heading over to Mississippi, to the country house, to wait on Santa Clause. It has potential to be a wild ride but we are looking forward to it so much!!!

We delivered some Christmas goodies to our library ladies yesterday

and then Audrey had her little party at dance class. She told me while we were getting ready that she likes parties and she likes ballet but she doesn’t like ballet parties. Upon further investigation of that statment I found out that she wants to just dance when she goes to ballet. Not eat.  Huh, well then.
I think she had fun any way. They played some games and watched the Nutcracker while eating their goodies. And in case you were wondering, those two elves in the back are the brother’s that got to join in the snacking fun!

And she can sit up by herself.


Sam and Nelda said...

Awe, I've heard of scooting but never hopping! Can't wait to see that...
The Cleopatra side roll would be a really cute pic~!
So sweet to remember the library ladies, love the pic.
Ya'll come on! We'll take the mess~...:)

Becky said...

I can't wait to get my hands on that baby girl!
I LOVE that Audrey so beautifully identified how she felt about ballet parties. Makes perfect sense to me! HURRY and get here!

Dianne said...

The art of expression. Audrey's GOT it! And, Olivia learning a new maneuver...jump for it. I like it. I don't even need a photo to SEE the Cleopatra maneuver. Love your writing, 'manda. Happy New Year!