Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Toes and Cellulite

Hers found her toes yesterday. She’s growing up so fast, so very fast. She’s 4 days away from turning 4 months old and still is just the sweetest thing. She did keep me up last night for quite awhile though. The most aggravating part was that she wasn’t being so aggravating, she was being cute. She was laughing and cooing in the middle of the night.

We’ve all had a nasty little cold virus the last few days and poor Livi here had her first bout with the runs. Which gave her her first bout with some horrible diaper rash. She has made some of the most pitiful sounds eveR, makes me want to cry. I’ve been letting her air dry a few times a day and last night her tiny hiney was just so cute I couldn’t resist. This is the only time cellulite is cute on a lady’s backside!

She’s still the main attraction around here and her Bubba was serenading her with his harmomnica because when ever he’d play it, she’d smile at him BIG and he thought he was the cat’s meow. Her smile has that effect on people!


Sam and Nelda said...

How sweet that sweet lil ladybug offered her momma a "Midnight Serenade"... She loves you so much!

Cute little dimples :-)

Good thing that she is still the center of attention. It'll be a different song soon... "Momma! make Olivia leave my toys alone"...

the ladner family said...

Sweet baby ! So sorry everyone was sick and we couldn't see each other.

Becky said...

I just need to see them.