Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yike!! ( as Audrey would say)

Has it really been almost 2 weeks since I last posted? Sorry. I guess lack of time plus lack of creativity in this old brain has been holding me back. Lets see, where I shall begin? Last Tuesday I carried James to the allergist where he had to get stuck quite a few times on his wee little back and it was slightly uncomfortable to watch, let alone endure. But he was a tough dude for the most part and only really got upset at the very end; who can blame him though? There is only so much pricking a little man can take. I was very impressed with the doctor and nurses there, they really know how to make it easier for kids. He had to lay on his stomach for almost 20 minutes but did really good. He got to eat a sucker, decorate Gotham city and a fire truck in stickers and draw on the paper that's on the table that keeps it clean from patient to patient which was a real treat for him since I am always getting on to him for messing it up in other doctor's offices! Our Pediatrician wanted him tested for airborne allergies since he has so much trouble with upper respiratory infections but thankfully he was not allergic to any thing much. He was a 2 for dust mites and a 1 for pet hair. So he has a really good chance of growing out of his asthma, yay!!

This pic is from our church Christmas party. He is so spoiled,
I can't turn my back for a second when those "church ladies"
are around. I certainly would never encourage him to dip
ice cream out with a cup!!!!

A couple weeks ago I decided it was time to start being an attentive mother again and took the kids back to story time for the first time in 2 months (that's embarrassing to say out loud)! They love going to the library so much and "buying" books and movies and seeing all their little friends and they had really missed it. Even though they hadn't mentioned it at all for those 2 months, you could tell they were so glad to be back! We've been going to story time for a little more than a year and every time we go Audrey gets so excited!! She just loves it but by the time we get in the library she gets all shy and reserved and wont leave my side for a second. Over the months she had gotten to where she would wander around by her self a little but while the stories were being read she wouldn't venture out past my lap. And she wouldn't dare participate in songs and hand motions or answer questions. Nu-uh, no ma'am. But last week she surprised me and I had one of my first most proud mama moments ever! She went right to the front, sat down in between her brother and another little girl and acted like she'd been doing it this whole time. I was so shocked but so proud! Then, when it was time to sing songs she stood up, sang loud and did the hand motions. Even more shocked I just stared at her, wishing so bad I'd had my camera. Then James said he knew a song about the moon (which he does not) and started singing something he made up. Is he his father's son or what??!!! Then Audrey jumped up and said I do too and opened her mouth to sing all by her self but backed out. She looked at me and said "I can't do it mama." But I didn't care. Just the fact that she WANTED to and TRIED to is all that matters to me!!

Tookie is doing well, I suppose. She's growing which means I am growing! I can no longer sleep on my stomach which is one of the hardest parts of pregnancy for me since I am a stomach sleeper. My belly is also getting very uncomfortable to lug around as the evenings roll in and I have found myself grunting and having a hard time getting positioned on the couch at night when I flop down utterly exhausted from wrangling those hooligans getting them ready for bed. (Why is it that bath/teeth/jammie/story time is always so exhausting?) Jon's already making fun of all my noises!! Gosh do I have a long way to go. We are having a VERY hard time picking a name for baby girl. We thought we had one but now are totally unsure. The way things are going, it looks like her birth certificate may just read Tookie Mizell!! I go in for my 20 week appointment on February 7th and am looking forward to it so much! I am a little nervous because they will be measuring everything to make sure she's growing properly and that everything else checks out okay. But I am really anxious to see her again. I haven't felt her move much, maybe 2 times I've felt a little flutter in the last couples weeks so I am anxiously waiting that stage to come on and get here. There's nothing in the world like feeling your child moving around inside you. The only thing that can come close to it in my mind is feeling their little hands on your face!

As I was looking thru pictures for this blog I realized that not only have I been slack on blogging lately but I've been even more slack in the picture taking department for the last month. It took a while to find some "blog worthy" ones that I haven't posted before. Lets add "take more pictures" to my ever growing list of things to do before the baby gets here!! Here's some random ones for your viewing pleasure because I know that's all most of you are interested in any way!

These 3 had the best time EVAH playing the week were in H'burg
for New Years. It was so much fun to watch and listen to them play!

They definitely can pass as cousins!!

 Skyping with Grandaddy. SO nice to live in 2010, sometimes!!

 Playing in the rain. Cold rain I might add but he had so much fun!

Audrey finally decided to brave the cold and join us. And I
must say that those boots I have on, they are my huney's
shrimping boots. That's why they are so large!
p.s. don't u just love the "used car dealership" across the street?
We have such a lovely view out the front window!


Becky said...

Yike! Yes, it has been over two weeks since you blogged...welcome back! I missed you.
Love this post. Miss the days of taking my children to the library. Ironically, they still go to the library with me, daily, in fact, but it ain't the same.

Becky said...

I beat Emily

Sam and Nelda said...

I went to the library today in Hoover and got a membership. I checked out some cd's and movies. It is a neat library...we must take James and Audrey there the next time they're in B'Ham. I will try to find out their story time. LOVED the picture in the rain.

Sam and Nelda said...

Love the pic of Mr. James such a cutie of a lil'boy.
Audge and her cousin do LOOK like cousins...
OMGOODNESS...Ms Tookie is really makin her momma's tummy BIG! (how bout Molly Beth, Gracie Anne, Lilly Bell, Ruby Ann.................:)nb

Dianne said...

'manda, I LOVE the pictures, but, I love your writing EVERY bit as much! Your words paint the best pictures. Loved the rain photos. Love that the children enjoy the library and Audrey getting all steps. James the soldier. Our Jack has had the scratched back to determine allergens. Your tummy LOOKING like it's got extra inhabitant now. I carried four. I know with each one, it seemed to be harder to "tote". Glad to see you back. Come again, soon, y'heah?

the ladner family said...

Becky- you are so competitive...I love the post. They are adorable as usual! Can't wait to see ya'll .

su said...

Amanda, I agree with Sis Diane- the pictures YOU paint with words are just as beautiful as the digital- don't EVER doubt that I crave your amazing journal entries- I've told you many times- you are gifted in your literary skills- not everyone (well, maybe Robert Frost) can bring me to tears with word descriptions- you are in good company!

Sydney Sanders said...

About time! And (not to be judgmental) but why don't I get a shoutout for skyping?! I was the original skyper! :)

I loved going to the library with you guys back during spring break and this summer! Glad they still love it!