Saturday, January 15, 2011

In the dead of Winter

She wont wear socks or shoes around the house.

She hardly wears pants and shirts; prefers Princess dresses. All. day. long.

I have to threaten her with in an inch of her life to wear a long sleeved shirt to go outside in.

I have tried to hide the few short sleeved shirts that some how didn't make it into the Summer clothes bin but, for some odd reason, she keeps finding short sleeved ones to put on.

I actually had to hold her down the other night and force her to put on a warm pair of footed pj's.

And just now she tells me she doesn't want covers on her tonight. It's COLD in their room because I just turned their little heater on and the child doesn't want covers over her. (Meanwhile her bro is snuggling under TWO blankets). I don't understand how she stands it. I walk around with socks, shoes, pants, long sleeved shirts and sweaters all day long (that's even with hormones surges) and my daughter prances around half naked and could care less. Kids these days.

Disclaimer: We are not trying to freeze our children or ourselves to death. We are not that poor!! We just have an old house with high ceilings and hard wood floors through out so that makes it a little chilly around here and unfortunately our bank account does not have an endless amount of Ben Franklin's to support our local gas company. Ha!!


Becky said...

That precious, precious Princess! I don't know how we share the same blood...apparently hers is a lot thicker than mine.
Gotta go...I have to get up and light the gas logs now.
love the disclaimer, btw!

Dani said...

My mother was always fond of telling my youngest brother "You're freezing me to death, go put on some more clothes."

Dianne said...

'manda, Audrey will comBUST when she reaches the "hot flash" stage of life! My baby son (now 30) TODAY will go out in sub-zero weather in shirtsleeves. I'm with James. I'm layered 24/7 till May. Love your posts!

Sydney Sanders said...

Oh, Audge!

Dianne said...

P.S. Also LUV the new wallpaper!

su said...

Love that free spirit- Go Peach!