Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lost Minds

Well, it's not a bday post. Sorry. When I said that I was way behind on their birthday post and video, I really meant I don't have any thing at all done." It somehow got away from me this year and I had hoped that I would be able to "throw" something together by the early part of this week but, alas, it is hump day and I still haven't done anything. It has just been that kind of week and weekend for that matter. We spent it at my sister's while Jon was away on a preaching trip. Well, Jon was gone part of the weekend. Any who, I said all that to tell you this: My children have been off the chain this week, completely and totally 100% insane. We spent the morning "pickin grocery's" in Tallahassee and I have sworn off ever taking them shopping with me again.(okay not really, that's just a pipe dream) After we had been home for awhile I hear, "Mama!!!! I just pooped on meself." Ugh. That's 5 words no mother ever wants to hear but at least Peachy waited till we got home to do that. I finally got enough of the hooping and hollering of these 3 year olds and sent them to their rooms for our new favorite part of the day....Quiet Time. Of course, they had to come out immediately and go to the bathroom. Soon I hear a faint "Mama, Mama, Mama" so I wander back to my bathroom to find my daughter standing in front of the toilet in a large puddle of urine. (what's up with her today?) I must digress for a moment. A few times in the recent past when one or both of the kids has done something outrageously ridiculous, (i.e. spit at me or take a swat at me when I tell them no) I have asked them the simple question "Have you lost your mind?" Fast forward to a few minutes ago: I asked Audrey what happened, how did she tee tee all over the floor? I wasn't really looking for an answer so I quietly started to clean up. A few moments passed and she looked at me with a really sheepish grin on her face and said "I lost my mind."


~sydney~ said...

Tinkerbell bear!

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

We all lose our minds in this house too. And just so you know...quiet time here is called "body breaks" and you can never be too old for body breaks!

Sam and Nelda said...

That is soooooooo funny! You're daddy laughs outloud all the time just from reading something...I NEVER do, but this did it!

And the picture makes it an A+ Blog..

su said...

Oh how I love our PEACH!

She is WAY cool, and always will be- I predict.