Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bella Pallooza

This past weekend me and my crew made a lightening fast trip to Hattiesburg for our niece Isabella's 4th birthday. Time and circumstance have prevented us from ever being able to make it to a birday party for Harrison or Isabella but it just so happened that we were free this year. And are we glad we were! Even though it was a long drive and a short stay, the trip rocked! Kids birthday partys are so much fun for many reasons but here are a few of my fav's:

#1. Kids are encouraged to eat cake AND ice cream. Adults can eat it and not feel guilty about it because it's birthday cake and birthday cake calories don't count because "You never eat cake or ice cream".

#2. There are usually a few games that are played and there is nothing funnier than watching a kid play:

Pin the tail on the donkey

hitting a candy stuffed pinata until it busts

#3. After the cardboard structure is completely demolished (from either the kids or the mom beating it senseless) the kids experience the sugar induced state of euphoria from eating all the candy that they grabbed off the floor during the frenzy of trying to stuff as much of that sugary goodness into their little candy bags before the "candy police" stop them.

#4. There's always a couple of loners at the kids table

#5. And there is always a "big kid" that wants to play too!


Becky said...

LOVE IT! Genius post. You really captured the day beautifully. We miss y'all SOOOOO much! Come back very soon...PLEASE

(that cake rocks, btw)

~sydney~ said...

How does my mother ALWAYS manage to beat me at commenting?!?! One of the best written posts ever! Very impressive! We had a blast and miss you already!

su said...

Those two said it all- I will cherish the memories forever- it was a perfect bellapalooza-

It meant SO much that you all made that trip

the ladner family said...

Wow that was a "top" post. I can't tell ya'll how much it meant to have ya'll here. But i will anyway... IT MEANT A LOT! Love you guys. Love the dog in the last picture!

Sam and Nelda said...

The only bad thing about that party was that Nelda and I were not there to enjoy the fun! Too much fun for grown ups to have, however. Don't ya'll know life is hard? Anyway, glad the family from Cairo finally got to go to the Mississippi cousin's birthday!!! Granddaddy Sam
ps Amanda gets her writings skills from me!!!!