Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When your kids teach you

Our household has been in a funk today. Audrey is sickly due to some sort of viral infection that causes you to run a real high fever, have diarrhea and ulcers in your mouth and on your throat. She is better today since her fever broke last night but she's still whiny and overly sensitive. She is usually my "take a lickin and keep on tickin" child but the slightest bump causes her to fall to pieces today! James has really high moments and really low ones today. I don't think he's ever pulled on my pants leg as much as he has in the last couple hours which means he's probably next and I can't tell you how much that thought thrills my soul! I'm being sarcastic here folks in case you didn't know! We are actually supposed to be in Mississippi right now but somebody had to go and get sick so those plans got squashed. Oh well such is life when ya got youngins to tend to.Anyways on to my lesson. I was trying my best to get the children's supper together and James was pulling on both my legs screaming at me "Nummy nummy pease, pease" and I could not get him to understand that I was cooking his nummy nummy and could not pick him up. He started squalling so wretchedly that I finally stopped, looked down at him and told him to stop pitching such a fit. At this point Audrey wanders over to him and puts her hand on his back and starts rubbing it. Then she pats his head while she says "Bubba".

I decided that if my little 21 month old daughter could tell that her brother was in such a state to actually stop what she was doing and go pet on him, his mother could at least stop what she was doing and love on him for a bit. (I did but it still didn't help his state at all!)

The other day James was riding on one of his many cars and I watched as he deliberately ran into his sister knocking her over. I got on to him big time and told him he had to tell Sissy he was sorry and give her a kiss. To my surprise he mumbled something that sounded like sorry and quickly got off his car to go give her a kiss! If only we all could be so willing to make up!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I was in the kitchen earlier doing my usual and the kids came trotting in sounding like a herd of elephants, as usual!! As they passed by me I said "eeww who has poo-poo?" Audrey stopped, turned around and backed up to me with her hiney poked out. As if to say "it's me mom. wanta see?"And would someone please tell me why my son will only eat his nutri grain bars off of the floor now?

Monday, June 22, 2009

This past weekend our family(well part of them)from Mississippi came for the weekend. This is the 4th Summer in a row that the Sanders' clan has graced our home with their presence and we had a wonderful time. It can really pay off to have lots of preachers in your family during annual meetin times! Their visit was way too short though. I think we need to start having week long meetings again! James and Audrey of course had a blast and are totally spoiled now. Although the spoiling wont stop here. Daddy and Nelda are coming this weekend and the month of July holds more company for us and lots of trips to see more family so I guess I'll have to suck it up for a few more weeks!!Sydney, Aubrey and Hughston are without a doubt 3 of the most wonderfully sweet children that I have ever or will ever know! But it's not surprising seeing that their parents are just as sweet! Like I said J and A loved having them around and by the end of the trip they could say Beck-ky, make an S sound for Sydney and would point out Aubrey, Hughston and Uncle Hugh. It was a little confusing having AUBREY and AUDREY in the same place so we called Abrey "Bree" while she was here.

They had a grand time playing at church all weekend and every time we'd pull in the church yard, Jon would start to turn the car around so he could back into a spot and James would start screaming "no, chuch chuch"! They love to go to church and they have really taken on the roll of "Primitive Baptist Preacher's Kids" exceptionally well!! As they should since it plays a HUGE part in their little lives!!

I love this picture! Hugh and Peach played this game all weekend where Hugh would look at her and Peach would act all shy and look away. When he talked to her she would smile at him and then act like he had offended her! In a few years you wont be able to separate these two.Guys, we love and miss you and had a wonderful time! Can't wait to see you again in a few days!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One Brave Mama!

Either I'm brave or just plain stupid but I pulled out the finger paints for James and Audrey last week and they had a blast making a huge mess! Audrey being the prissy thing that she is was very hesitant at first to get her fingers dirty and I don't think she ever got her palms in the paint! James on the other hand, dove right in and got it all over his hands, ears and face with in seconds!
My camera battery ran out before they were done playing so I didn't get any shots of them looking like little indians ready for battle! And in my excitement to let them finger paint, I didn't think the whole process through so thank goodness Jon was home to help me carry them out on the deck for a hose off! Next time we'll do it outside but I did managed to keep the paint off everything but them and their high chairs!

Last Friday James finally had his OT evaluation. I had to carry him to a rehab center for the appointment and it was a pretty cool place. All kinds therapies for all kinds of children with all sorts of disabilities, it was very interesting but I am so very thankful that he gets PT at home! Anyway, the therapist only wants to see him every other week for a couple of months to "watch" him. The only problem she saw was his range of motion from left to right. Meaning, we have to work with him to cross over to his right side using his left arm. And we being me since technically I am his therapists. These college educated, board certified people just tell me what to do with him! There job is easy!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Yesterday I was talking to Betsy on the phone and she told me Hannah started asking for a baby sister recently. Betsy said she had to tell her that baby Sam was gonna be the last one. Hannah got real sad and started crying so Betsy told her that Audrey doesn't have a sister either so they get to be sisters. She said Hannah thought about this for a while and decided it was good enough. She really decided it was good enough when Betsy told her she'd never have to worry about sharing her stuff!! I just wanted to show Hannah how much her and Audrey "look" like sisters and not just cousins!! I love you Hannah Grace!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Well, you're in luck!

I decided to forgo a vacation post tonight (I know, I know. You're all so disappointed!) but Jamesy needed a little bit of updating and I wont have time to blog for the rest of the week. We finally made it to the ENT doctor today and James does not need tubes right now!! They checked the pressure in his ears and did a hearing test which was hilarious to watch. His little head going from side to side every time he'd hear a noise, trying to find the noise was too cute! He does have fluid in the middle ear but his hearing is good so she just wants to see him back in 3 months for a check up. And while we were gone on vacation, he started putting his left foot flat on the floor for about 20-30 seconds at a time. But only when he's totally distracted. The therapist was so excited to see this and she just couldn't say enough about how well he is doing! She also wants to hold off on a brace or botox shots. She says if he continues to do this well with out something that forces him to do it, then she doesn't want to go that route and neither do we. So again, we'll see!!!Since Jon is out of school for the Summer, he stayed home with Audrey today while I took James to his appointment. For some reason my brain doesn't work clearly when I schedule doctor appointments and I seem to always make them during nap time. Go figure.James and I enjoyed a little one on one time in the big city. He was playing with my phone and somehow got it to the music selections and went down the list, dancing to them and making everybody that passed by us laugh! Jon and Audrey also enjoyed a little one on one by doing odd jobs around the house together!! He said she just followed him around the house, jabbering away! I really wish I could put time in a bottle. We only thought they were a blast last month!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The "Fun" Ship!

The Carnival Destiny was our cruise ship. I've seen pictures of cruise ships and heard stories about how magnificent they are but it's just something you have to experience for your self to really understand. I've never seen anything like it and I've seen a lot!! (not bragging here or anything) Most of the time I forgot I was even on a boat. It was just like a big, floating hotel/amusement park. And everyone that worked there was so nice. I never, ever, not once came in contact with a surly person. Everyone and I mean everyone had a smile on there faces at all times and always greeted you like they really were so glad to see you!! We didn't have to clean up after ourselves or go find something to do or even count out change to buy a souvenir with. They did everything for you except pick up your fork and put it in your mouth. Oh and Jon did have to pull the little ice cream lever every time he wanted the best soft serve ice cream you've ever tasted. We didn't even have to pull the covers back at night to crawl into bed. They did it for you and they even left you a little treat every night!
Views from the top deck
This was inside at the middle of the boat looking down from the top floor

Half Moon Cay was our second stop and Carnival actually owns this island so there was no one on it but us cruisers which was interesting. We were going snorkeling there because it had the prettiest waters but they canceled all shore excursions(except for swimming with the sting rays, ugh) "due to the weather" that day. It rained quite a few times and the sun was only out for a couple hours but we still had fun. I mean, who wouldn't enjoy sleeping in a hammock, on the beach all day?

The position of our boat all day until......
It started moving and didn't stop till it got almost outta sight. Everyone on the beach saw what it was doing and we all started joking that it was leaving us and we'd have to stay here forever but that was okay because who wouldn't want to stay here forever? But the Carnival crew was still out pushing those drink orders so we weren't to worried!! The best story about that is that Jon fell asleep looking out at the boat. When he woke up, it wasn't there any more. He says for a few seconds he thought he'd slept past boarding time. Huh, like I'd let him sleep through that!
Carnival provided a barbecue lunch on the island and it was marvelous. I was a little dissapointed when I read "Barbecue Lunch" because I'm from the south and our definition of "a barbecue" is totally different from the rest of the world but we were pleased to have chicken to eat along with hot dogs and hamburgers and potato salad and a whole bunch of other stuff!!
About an hour before we had to be back on board, a huge rain storm came and we got stuck under a pavilion. It rained so hard that it sent all the beach bums seeking permanent shelter and we actually had to take a number to be able to get back to the ship because there were so many people waiting to take a tender back.
Side note: I was going to rap our little vacation up on this post but since someone had the audacity to ask for pictures of our children instead of just enjoying our beautiful vacation pictures, I'll drag it out to the next post and quite possibly the next one and really make y'all bored. Just kidding!! No, really, just kidding.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Another Beautiful Memory

Jon and I made it back safely from our trip on Saturday around 5:00. We had the most wonderful time. It was everything and more that we'd hoped/dreamed/prayed it would be!! I knew we wanted a vacation but I didn't really realize how much we needed a vacation. I am the most relaxed that I've been in 2 years and it is such a wonderful feeling. I didn't worry or think about one thing that I didn't need to or want to. The only thing I thought about continuously was the kids, we talked about them all the time and by Friday if there had been a plane to fly us home, we would have jumped on it! The only time I worried about anything was the night I woke up being tossed to and fro just knowing I was fixing to loose all the food I'd consumed that day(and it was a lot!)while my husband was still sawing logs beside me!! That was the only time I really ever thought I was "sea sick". I learned to ignore the movement of the ship during the day and at night the gentle swaying of it put me to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow . Now I know why babies like to be rocked!! It was awesome, the whole experience and I highly recommend taking a cruise.
Grand Turk in the Eastern Caribbean (considered part of the Bahamas) was the first island we stopped at and it was my favorite. Jon and I like to get away from the crowd and go find all the "cool things" that nobody cares about so we walked a good long ways down the island away from every one else. Except for the occasional other couple who were "cool" like us!!!
There were hundreds and hundreds of conch shells where we walked.
I should really take some lessons from my kids on how to take a picture!! What a nerd!!I love this picture and yes those are Jon's feet in the corner!!This was across the island looking over at the ship. I'm telling you the thing was huge!!!
Sailing away.......
Next time, our 2nd stop and some pictures from the ship!