Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When your kids teach you

Our household has been in a funk today. Audrey is sickly due to some sort of viral infection that causes you to run a real high fever, have diarrhea and ulcers in your mouth and on your throat. She is better today since her fever broke last night but she's still whiny and overly sensitive. She is usually my "take a lickin and keep on tickin" child but the slightest bump causes her to fall to pieces today! James has really high moments and really low ones today. I don't think he's ever pulled on my pants leg as much as he has in the last couple hours which means he's probably next and I can't tell you how much that thought thrills my soul! I'm being sarcastic here folks in case you didn't know! We are actually supposed to be in Mississippi right now but somebody had to go and get sick so those plans got squashed. Oh well such is life when ya got youngins to tend to.Anyways on to my lesson. I was trying my best to get the children's supper together and James was pulling on both my legs screaming at me "Nummy nummy pease, pease" and I could not get him to understand that I was cooking his nummy nummy and could not pick him up. He started squalling so wretchedly that I finally stopped, looked down at him and told him to stop pitching such a fit. At this point Audrey wanders over to him and puts her hand on his back and starts rubbing it. Then she pats his head while she says "Bubba".

I decided that if my little 21 month old daughter could tell that her brother was in such a state to actually stop what she was doing and go pet on him, his mother could at least stop what she was doing and love on him for a bit. (I did but it still didn't help his state at all!)

The other day James was riding on one of his many cars and I watched as he deliberately ran into his sister knocking her over. I got on to him big time and told him he had to tell Sissy he was sorry and give her a kiss. To my surprise he mumbled something that sounded like sorry and quickly got off his car to go give her a kiss! If only we all could be so willing to make up!


Laura said...

I have certainly been there! Sometimes it's hard juggling what's urgent with what's important... Not that supper's not important, but you know what I mean.

Hope the babies feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet. I can just see them. It was really good to see you guys at church Sunday. The babies are so precious. Doesn't it make your heart fill up when you see them love each other like that. It will get even more special the older they get.

Dianne said...

'manda, if we could just stop the world and get down in the floor and wallow when one of our heartpieces need some TLC, would anything ever get done? I know the hard choices we make. I remember the poem Erma Bombeck wrote about If I Had It To Do Over Again...but, she probably wouldn't have done it any differently. There are precedents and priorities not the LEAST of which is loving and nurturing those precious little ones that God has "gifted" you with. But, you got'ta tend to their physical needs, too. Thankfully, God gave you twins. And, a naturally loving twin sister to minister to him. Beautiful "painting" of this interaction by your words.

~sydney~ said...

Hope Peach gets better and James avoids getting sick! Those babies are too sweet to get sick!!! We love and wish you were here!

su said...

Sometimes, after I read your posts, my head drops, eyes fill up, and I silently pray, :Thank you, Lord, for this daughterinlaw and grandchildren you've blessed us with." You have wisdom beyond your years, Amanda.