Monday, June 22, 2009

This past weekend our family(well part of them)from Mississippi came for the weekend. This is the 4th Summer in a row that the Sanders' clan has graced our home with their presence and we had a wonderful time. It can really pay off to have lots of preachers in your family during annual meetin times! Their visit was way too short though. I think we need to start having week long meetings again! James and Audrey of course had a blast and are totally spoiled now. Although the spoiling wont stop here. Daddy and Nelda are coming this weekend and the month of July holds more company for us and lots of trips to see more family so I guess I'll have to suck it up for a few more weeks!!Sydney, Aubrey and Hughston are without a doubt 3 of the most wonderfully sweet children that I have ever or will ever know! But it's not surprising seeing that their parents are just as sweet! Like I said J and A loved having them around and by the end of the trip they could say Beck-ky, make an S sound for Sydney and would point out Aubrey, Hughston and Uncle Hugh. It was a little confusing having AUBREY and AUDREY in the same place so we called Abrey "Bree" while she was here.

They had a grand time playing at church all weekend and every time we'd pull in the church yard, Jon would start to turn the car around so he could back into a spot and James would start screaming "no, chuch chuch"! They love to go to church and they have really taken on the roll of "Primitive Baptist Preacher's Kids" exceptionally well!! As they should since it plays a HUGE part in their little lives!!

I love this picture! Hugh and Peach played this game all weekend where Hugh would look at her and Peach would act all shy and look away. When he talked to her she would smile at him and then act like he had offended her! In a few years you wont be able to separate these two.Guys, we love and miss you and had a wonderful time! Can't wait to see you again in a few days!!


Becky said...

That made me cry! I miss y'all so much!!! We had such a wonderful time.

For those of you who may not know...this is, without a doubt, the sweetest family I have ever known.

~sydney~ said...

I miss you guys SOOOO much already! I TOTALLY agree on making the meetings week long! You're children are about THE sweetest I've ever seen. Between calling SuSu, Nenie, and talking with my family...the conversation has been about Jamesy and Peach! Can't wait 'til the Fourth!

su said...

What a sweet sweet post. My cup overfloweth.