Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another phase of their life

We have entered a new dimension around here: Full blown toddler hood. And believe it or not, it's not all bad! Sure, they remind me on a daily basis that I am the mother of not just one but two toddlers. But lately the fun times have been out weighing the tough times 10-1, hands down. We started going to story time a few weeks ago and it was then that I realized just how "grown up" my babies are now. They participate in the songs and listen very intently to the stories. Well, James does. Audrey does for the first one but by the last, she has made her way around the entire circle at least 3 times and has touched everything her little hands can reach! They get very excited about going to the library and it's the first public place (other than church)that my children walked from the car all the way inside, up the stairs, down the hall and into the children's room with out being in a buggy, a stroller or on my hip. That is a big step for us!We went to Wal-Mart the other night when Jon was in Mississippi to rent a movie from the RedBox and I didn't even have to put them in a buggy. They just stood right by me with their little hooded jackets on checking every thing and every body out. Another big step: going into Wal-Mart without getting in a buggy, even if it was only for 5 minutes!

They still enjoy watching Popeye but a new obsession has taken over their little minds: Jungle Book. Oh man do they love that movie! We usually have to watch at least 10 minutes of it before they go to bed at night. They also like CatMouse(Tom and Jerry) Tiger and Humpy Dumpy(Pink Panther) and Deet(which is Rudolph. BTW they call deer 'deet'!)You can carry on a real conversation with both of them and it makes sense, for the most part. James enunciates each of his words very clearly, even if they have a southern draw to them! Audrey talks really good as well but most of the time she talks so stinkin fast you can only catch one or two words. I usually have to interpret her sentences, even to her daddy! Someone told me the other day that they think Audrey speaks audgenese!! She has also developed this so-cute-it-hurts lisp. She has a huge gap in between her two front teeth and that little tongue practically goes right thru it! The last few days around here have been exceptionally pleasant. They have been getting along beautifully and playing together like two siblings who really love each other should! Audrey is constantly suggesting things for bubba to do in a semi-bossy way. She doesn't shout at him or get mad when he doesn't comply. She just keeps suggesting until he usually does what ever it is she wants like hold his monkey or ride fast on his car or do this or go there. I am always hearing "watch this bubba. watch this" or "follow me bubba. follow me".
They follow directions really well these days and enjoy helping me clean or put clothes away. One time I asked Audrey to put some dish rags on the counter in the kitchen and she readily agreed. When I went in later to see where she had put them, I found them exactly where I had told her they needed to go even though some of them had come unfolded and were hanging off the side of the counter! One day while Audrey was still napping James and I were in my room folding clothes. I asked James to go put his pj's in his drawer and off he ran. He came back and still wanted to help so I told him to go put some towels in the bathroom. Instead he shoved them in my t-shirt drawer and exclaimed "All done"! He lost interest after that.
They love to sing and can now sing all the words to I'm a Little Tea Pot and The Grand Old Duke of York. They can sing their ABC's but it comes out ABC, WXY! This past Saturday night we were in church at Irwinville and Jon and I got the best present ever during the song service. Audrey and James have always liked to open song books and sit there with them on their laps for a little while. And a few times I have heard them softly singing in church. But that night Audrey started singing at the top of her lungs and James soon followed. It was the most beautiful singing we have ever heard. She was clearly off tune and wasn't saying any real words but the little angel was singing her heart out! During the last song right before preaching started and the preachers(including her daddy)were in the pulpit, she started singing again and this time every one in the building could hear her and turned around to smile at her. It was one of those "most proud parent" moments and I still get choked up thinking about it!


Dana said...

My goodness they are precious! I love reading about their little lives and how much fun they have! Can't wait to see you guys in just a couple of weeks!

Dani said...

That's so cute about the singing. Britt decided to sing this Sunday during Church. It was mostly ahahahahahhhhhaaaaa, through an o shaped mouth, and when the rest of us stopped he would keep going and then look at me like why did you stop. One day I'm sure he'll master it, like yours. :)

Beth said...

The singing was precious! They are both adorable, the toddler stage is not all bad. We enjoyed seeing y'all so much, it was a blessed time.

Becky said...

How do you expect us to be able to take posts like this?????????????? So unfair. How many more days?!

Dianne said...

BRAVO! More! More! 'manda, LOVED this entire post. Reading of their progressive achievements delights my heart. And, their bond AND their play time AND their cleverness AND their antics AND their Mama and Daddy.

Emily said...

Wait, weren't they JUST born? How are they walking in places themselves and talking and singing?!?

I need to go cuddle Gabriela right now - time passes entirely too fast!