Thursday, April 13, 2017

Raising Homemakers (and good husbands) (I hope)

The kids have chores that they have do every day or, every other day, depending. Audrey and Olivia have to unload and or load the dishwasher or they have to sweep the kitchen and dining room. They have gotten pretty good at it. Olivia wants to be big enough to put away the breakables SO BAD! Hahahah!! James has to take the trash from the 3 kitchen trash cans out to the big garbage can by the road and then put new bags in the kitchen. I’m so proud of him, he NEVER complains when I tell him its time for the trash to go out. :) The girls don’t complain about putting the dishes away but it’s like I tell them I need to cut a limb off when I say they need to sweep. Girls. Go figure! :)


Becky said...

Oh, Olive

Nelda said...

Good good mommying~ Beautiful, obedient chidrens~