Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Best Part

One of the best things about James and Audrey’s daddy working at the same school they go to is that he is privy to some insider information about them that probably not all parents are privileged with. For example, Jon was walking down the hall one day last week and ran into (okay he didn’t actually run into him in a physical form but passed him in the hall) the music teacher/band director. The Music Man said “Hey I’ve got a funny story for you about James.” Imagine that, a funny story about our boy :)

On the first day of music for this school year, the Music Man asked if any of the kids did any thing exciting this summer?! James was the first to raise his hand (shocker I know) and proceeded to tell the Music Man “Yeah!! We went to our grandparents for a whole week this summer!” The Music Man said “Oh that sounds like a lot of fun James! How wonderful!” James replied with “Yeah it was. And the best part was that our parents weren’t even there.”

As Jon was telling me this, those words stung for about 3.5 seconds and then we both started laughing and I said “Yep he is right. That was THE BEST PART.” Muhahahahahaha!!!!!


Becky said...

joke's on him! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
But, seriously, HOW CUTE IS HE!!!!!!!!!!?????????

Sam and Nelda said...

Bahahaha! Love it! Was such a GRAND week! Only us grands...

Dani said...

That's too funny.

I remember that sometimes having Mother teach where we went was great, and sometimes not so much, all thanks to that insider information. hahaha.