Thursday, August 7, 2014

Movin on down the tracks

Another Summer is over. All their new clothes are washed and folded and put away, waiting for them to pick which one they will wear on their first day of 1st grade. Their new book bags and lunch boxes are ready and waiting for their little hands to pick them up. We go to open house this afternoon and meet their new teachers and see who will be in their class. Exciting times!

Our Summer has been so busy (as they usually are) we are all ready for a little routine to come back into our lives. Although, the alarm clock is going to be awfully rude in the morning when it wakes me up. I’m not usually a late sleeper or the kind of person who likes to lay in the bed for awhile after they wake up but this Summer I have been. I don’t know if its because we have been so busy or if because Olivia is at the age where I don’t have to get up and stay up with her. Either way, I’ve fallen into a lazy habit and tomorrow is going to come early.

Hard to believe our babies are entering the 1st grade. I’m nervous about this year more than I have been the previous two years. I guess because I’m unsure about their teachers and the fact that 1st grade is going to be more intense than Kindergarten. I am looking forward to seeing their bright smiles when I pick them up everyday though and when Olivia and I go to join them for lunch on Wednesdays. And I am looking forward to some more time with just me and Olivia. I also have high hopes for myself this year on time management and organizing my pictures and printing some of them out to put in books and hang on the walls. Don’t laugh too hard at that last sentence. I’m trying not to :)


Anonymous said...


What darling assistants you have...great pic!

It's always good to get all your summer goings over and get back into the groove of your little family.

I can see you all now in your wonderful house on 7th street NW.
Picturing the excitement!

Love you Mizells!

Becky said...

I have checked for an update AT LEAST once a week since June 22...I'm SOOOOO happy for this new post. This picture is my new all time fave. Amazing. Award winning. Amanda.
Lots of prayers and hope for a great year for all three of your darlings. Please keep us posted when you can.