Saturday, May 31, 2014

We like to move it move it

I was trying to make it 2 months with out blogging. And I was pretty darn close to it until someone came to my house, busted down the door, held a gun to my head and shouted TYPE! Ok, none of that is true. Not even the part about going 2 months. But someone did harass me through a few text messages :)

Here, in random order are the real reasons I have not blogged in almost 2 months:

1. I’ve been lazy.

2. I like to think of #1 more like I am creative and artistic and have just had no vision lately. It happens.

3. I have a very demanding almost 3 year old who feels the need to be touching some part of my body
    at all times through out the day.

4. I have twins (shocker, i know!) who were finishing up kindergarten. Field trips, party’s, etc

5. I have a very demanding almost 3 year old who feels the need to be touching some part of my body
    at all times through out the day.

6. I have twins (ahhh!) who have been out of school for a week.

7. We moved.

8. This week has been filled with dance rehearsal and trying to shop and pack for our camping trip at    
    the beach starting this Sunday afternoon!!!

9. And we moved again.

10. I’ve been taking another photography workshop.

11. Oh and did I mention that we moved? Twice? In less than 2 months?

12. Olivia had strep throat this week :(

While all those things are truer than I’d like some of them to be, I really have lost track of time. March, April and May have just been a blur. We decided shortly after I blogged so poignantly about deciding to wait, we felt like our waiting time was up and we had to face it. We tried every scenario we could imagine and NOTHING was panning out. It felt like the Lord had just closed the door and was telling us to listen this time and go back. So, we did. With in 2 weeks time Jon and myself moved every last box and most of the furniture by ourselves. We did hire a couple of young, strapping boys to help get the heaviest stuff. I changed our address and all the bills and stuff back over which let me assure was a pain in the neck. But after we moved back it really felt like we had never left. It felt like Whigham was just a distant dream when in reality its only been 6 weeks. We’ve had all the house drama (and I do mean DRAMA) we can stomach for basically ever so until the Lord calls us out of this town or we die (which we hope the later is at least 60 years from now!!) we are staying on 7th Ave.

If you ever want to listen to all the life lesson’s my husband and I have gleaned from this whole “interesting” experience, please, come visit us. After all, we have the room :)


Becky said...

yeeeeeesssssssss. I knew you could do it! Not sure who harassed you, but I'm sure glad she did. I miss y'all so much, and this is my lifeline!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, if you can blog in spite of the challenges you described in this post, then you just need to blog. Often. Do it for the loved ones in your life.

Sam and Nelda said...

Welcome back Cotter!!! It's been so hard to have one of my favorite parts of the week taken from me...
All I can say is that you all shall surely be eating from the good of the land BECAUSE YOU HAVE BEEN WILLING AND OBEDIENT!
Isiah 1:19