Wednesday, September 4, 2013

From the ground up

Creating your own business from the ground up all by your little old self is awfully hard. Especially when you are slow like me. But I hope in a few months or years even it will all be worth it!! That's what I've been doing all day today and my leg is numb to prove it. I had someone keep Olivia for me because it is impossible to get any thing done with her awake. I had the same someone keep her a day last week as well so I'm getting close to having it finished. That's exciting. Yay!!

Still planning on launching this "career" of mine towards the end of September and I have been thinking about setting the date to September 27th. Our anniversary. Our 10th anniversary to be exact!! They are both kind of a big deal and I think it might be nice if they co-inside with each other :)


Sam and Nelda said...

Yeah! So proud of you for all of your hard work. Watching you grow with your types of cameras... Watching you study photography... AND best of all, delighting in all the pictures that you share with us is one of our joys in life!

Good work Amanda, and you have our second to the launching date~

Becky said...

I can't wait to watch my favorite photographer bloom!