Thursday, December 9, 2010

Waltzing Matilda

On Monday James woke up with a slight chesty cough like he gets when he is on the verge of an asthma induced upper respiratory infection that happens pretty much any time the weather changes. Sometimes we can avoid having to take him to the doctor and putting him on a round of steroids by giving breathing treatments every 3 hours for a couple days. But since I've done that twice already in the last month and a half, I wanted to go ahead and get him seen. We had to see the NP and she gave us our usual script and said it was good I brought him in. Usually with in a couple hours of getting those 'roids in him, his cough is knocked out. But this time was different. He had a pretty rough night coughing and nothing we gave him or did really helped. He coughed a lot during the day Tuesday and by Tuesday evening he was coughing non stop. He had another rough night and at 2:00 Wednesday morning I knew with out a doubt we were going back to the doctor as soon as they opened. Even though he acted like he felt okay, I knew that cough was not normal. Especially since the steroids and all the other stuff we usually do for him that has worked a million times before was doing absolutely nothing.

Glad I did and didn't wait it out another day and night. Little man has walking pneumonia. Air is still moving thru his lungs well so he's not close to being hospitalized or anything like that but he does have an infection. So we were instructed to keep with the prednislone till it's finished, continue with Pulmicort 2x a day and albuterol every 4-6 hours (even if it doesn't seem like it helps) and this time we got a script for azithromycin. Jon made him a comfy little nest in his bed so that he could sleep sitting up and hopefully rest better. It worked and he only needed a breathing treatment around 11 last night and after that he never coughed again so we all got a pretty good nights rest. (except it's a good thing that I went to bed at 9:30 since I woke up at 3 and couldn't go back to sleep till 4:30)

This morning his cough finally sounds looser and even though he is quite grumpy at the moment I think he's on the road to recovery. Now, if we can just keep his sister from coming down with anything.....she has been a little rough around the edges this week and has been whining a lot more than normal. When we got home from the doctor yesterday she was running a little fever but some ibuprofen got rid of that so I'm not sure whats going on with Peachy!

I know the pictures have nothing to do with the story but for some reason I can't get my camera to upload to the computer this morning so I stole borrowed the first and last pictures from Becky from Thanksgiving in the country. The middle one is one I took and I just think it's so pretty I wanted to share. Oh and the title of this post is even more random, I know, but every time I say or think 'Walking Pnemonia' Waltzing Matilda plays in my head! Go figure.


Sam and Nelda said...

So glad he's on the road to right and love the matter!

Becky said...

Thanks for showing off my photog skills!

that middle picture looks like it came from a magazine

Be sweet to Peach...she can't help it that she's songitav these days

Hug Bubs for me. and sing another verse of Waltzing Matilda.

Dani said...

Love the picture of the barn. Glad to hear James is on the road to recovery.

su said...

Hope the pneumony has waltzed away, and thankful he is better!

Pictures really are worth a thousand words.