Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Life is hard sometimes

Rookie mistake numero deuce: Do not just assume that you have a certain appointment on a certain day at a certain time. Please do your self a favor and call ahead to make sure that the appoinment does in fact EXIST!

Rewind: James had his OT evaluation scheduled for this past Friday but they called at 8:00 that morning to cancel it. The therapist was sick. I was a little disappointed but since we were heading out for New Orleans after the appointment, it was kinda a relief since now we could leave 3 hours earlier! I called the number to reschedule the appointment(apparently it is too hard for one office to see patients and schedule appointments but what eva)and the chirpy "rescheduling receptionist" told me May the 5th at 3:30, I would almost stake my life on it. I mean, I had my calendar out in front of me and wrote it down when we spoke(yeah, I thought I was cool for doing this but as you will see in a moment, I am not).

Fast forward: Today I dropped Audrey off at the sitters and drove my smart little self right on over to the rehab center in Tallahassee(again thinking I was cool because I was a few minutes early). Got James out, went inside and gave them his name. The woman looked at the book, looked up at me and said "who"? I told her again, even spelled it out for her(for some reason our last name is hard to pronounce ?) and she looked again. "Nope" she said "No James Mizell down for today, what's his birth date?" I told her and she starts clicking computer keys and says "Oh! Yeah, his appointment is for JUNE 5th." I was literally speechless but had to restrain myself from jumping thru the plate glass window and ringing her neck.

I almost walked out because I was so upset with myself but I remembered what Jon did at the neuro's office that day so I started trying to persuade them to "pleeeeeessseeee fit him in. I drove such a long way." But unfortunately my tongue aint silver.

Today was such a busted day. I burned my finger really bad this morning(I hope my children enjoyed their lunch!)called my sister to wish her a happy birthday a day early. Yup, got my sister's birth date mixed up. Now that's just plain sad. And my camera battery is dead. I have no earthly idea where the charger is and why it's not where it's supposed to be so I cannot upload any of our pictures from the weekend. Ahhhhhh I am so glad I made that pan of brownies last night.................


Becky said...

Here's the only line you need..."what pan of brownies?"

Beth said...

Bless you heart, hope today is much better!

su said...

In the immortal words of Scarlett (and ones which I use often to regain my footing after a day such as this,,,) "after all, tomorrow IS another day!!!!" (Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the refrain)

Nenie said...

Mannio, I would not,could not make faux pas such as yours! For instance, I would not, could not forget anything! Next time call me with the appointment time and I will remind you.

Tara said...

That is a bad day girl! Hope today is better! And it some brownies for me too!

~sydney~ said...

Puh-leaseeeeee, Nenie :p

Dianne said...

Well, at least you have that ONE solid truth still intact: a pan of brownies soothes the most irritating circumstances. Wish I could find a sugar-free, fat-free version that was caffeine free...don't want much!

Keep the focus, sweet 'manda. You hit rewind on YOUR memory files. Go back just three years...young married, nothing but meals and hubby to be concerned with. You remembered appointments and birthdays. Fast forward to May 5th. Look at your PLATE, young Momma! You're giving a stellar performance, in the words of Paula Abdul!

It's corrected. No one was injured ('cept for your finger) and it won't matter in a month!

Ms. Robin said...

I agree totally with Dianne........couldn't have said it better myself. You're doing a GREAT job, Amanda Grace. I STILL have those days around here !!! Ha ha.

Lots of love & hugs,
Ms. Robin