Thursday, March 29, 2012

9 months

Sweet Olivia. You have a new “word” nah nah. It’s how you get my attention so looks like I am going to be nah nah for a while. Maybe even forever. Last night at the supper table you were trying to get my attention so badly that you started screeching nah nah so loud we all stopped talking and looked at you. Your screech was so intense we thought something was wrong but just as soon as I looked at you and asked “what?” you started cheesing it up. We think know that you are a little lot spoiled. And an attention hog.

You have officially started cruising and can stand for about 15 seconds with out holding on to anything. You try and talk so hard to us and already have so many different sounds when you talk. You get very intense about things and will study something hard and then turn and look at me and try your best to talk about what you just saw. You have two teeth and there is no food that you wont eat. Well, except for yogurt but only because it’s cold. You’re not a fan of cold stuff yet.

You love to stand at the window and talk to the world out side. You love to tear all the magazines to shreds and you love trying to find ways to escape the barricade I had to create in the living room to contain you. You’ve already gotten stuck between the couch and playpen twice and you got stuck on a table. You dance at the music from your piano and start talking really loud when it comes on. Sometimes you talk really loud when I am rocking you to sleep and I have begun to think that you are trying to sing when you do this.

My absolute favorite thing that you do though is play hide and seek with me. For instance, you will be in your bed crying your eyes out (not really because you rarely have tears) like the whole world is crashing in upon you and the moment I open the door and you see my face, you take a nose dive for the corner of your bed, hide your face, and pull it up slowly to look at me with a big grin and then you find the corner again. You definitely have a little whit about you already. You think so many things are funny and if we laugh at something you do, you laugh and do it again to make us laugh some more. If my predictions are correct, you will be our little clown.

James and Audrey still think you are the cats meow and love to entertain you and play with you and just everything about you. James loves to get in your face and make funny faces and you most always laugh at him. Audrey is still obsessed with your feet. And I do mean obsessed. She told me the other day that if she could, she would cute your feet off and eat them because they are so yummy. Wowza.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The trials of a 4 year old

In a previous post about the YMCA I mentioned the issues a certain member of our family has with the nursery. I will elaborate on that today. When I first found out that there was a nursery I could hardly contain my excitement! I had become an avid gym member at our local gym 3-4 nights a week a couple years ago and really got in to it. Jon was a sweetie to take the bath/bedtime shift so I could go after supper. Then I got pregnant with Olivia and all desires of exercising or exerting myself more than was necessary went out the window. Period. During my pregnancy Jon decided to go back to school and get his master’s degree so after Olivia was born the night time routine was all me and at the end of that the last thing I wanted to do was go run a few miles. So when I discovered the nursery at a place that had far more weights and exercise equipment than our local gym has ever dreamed of providing and where I was definitely going to be coming at least 2 times a week I said “Where’s the dotted line?”

When I first explained to the twins what we were going to do they weren’t quite sure of it. After all, this would be the closest they’ve been to day care! They had been seeing the play ground and that intrigued them slightly. Then when we got in there and they saw all the toys they were even more intrigued. But even though I had been talking it up for a day or two and made sure they understood that I was coming back and that all the grownups that worked there were nice or I wouldn’t leave them in their care, James started to cry a little. I reminded him he was going to get to swim afterwards and that helped. It also helped that he had Audrey by his side who seemed untouched by the fact that I was leaving them in a strange place with lots of strangers.

After about a week or so of going he started to complain when I’d say they were going. Here’s how that first investigative conversation went and many more after that:
James: Mama!!! I don’t want to go to the nursery!!!
Me: Why not????
James: Because I don’t like it there!!!
Me: Why not?
James: Because it’s not fun there!!
Me: But I thought you liked it??
James: No. I don’t like it.
Me: Well, you have to give me a reason
James: That mean boy said we were babies
Audrey: Yeah!!!! He said we were babies and we’re not!!!!
Me: Well, when he starts to tease you just go play somewhere else

A couple visits later.....
James: I don’t want to go to the nursery!!
Me: Why not???
James: Because it’s not fun there
Me: Why not? There’s tons of toys and a play ground
James: But that mean baby pinched me on the face!!!!!
Audrey: Yeah!!! And that mean kid called us babies!!
Me: He called you babies again???
James: No.

A couple visits later......
James: I don’t want to go to the nursery!!!
Me: Why not????
James: Because it’s not fun there!!!
Me: But every time I come pick you up you are always having fun. I can see you!!!
James: There’s nothing but baby toys there and it’s not fun!! And that baby pinched me.
Audrey: Yeah!!! And that mean kid called us babies!!!

A couple visits later....
James: I don’t want to go to the nursery!!!!
Me: Well, you are going. End of story.
James: But it’s not fun there!! (crying now) It’s all baby toys!! No big kid toys!!!
Audrey: But James, I like the nursery.
Me: Rolling my eyes and seriously tired of the same argument every single time

A couple visits later....
James: I don’t want to go to the nursery!!!
Audrey: But James it’s fun there!!
James: No it’s not
Me: James, has the big kids picked on you any more?
James: No
Me: James, has the baby pinched you any more?
James: No
Me: James, do the grownups let you watch t.v., give you snacks, do arts and crafts with you and let you go outside most of the time?
James: Yes
Me: Well, you need to forgot about the “bad” things that happened to you and just enjoy all the fun things that you get to do. Can you do this for me? I really like to workout.
James: OK

Every single time I say we are going we have pretty much the same conversations. Audrey likes it and James does not. James got a bad taste in his mouth those first few times and now it’s just a stigma he has. However, now that the weather is always pleasant at the end of the day and since we have changed times they are always out on the play ground when we get there. This has seemed to help a little perhaps. He left a toy there on Monday and is so excited to be going today so he can get his toy! Even though it’s been rather tiresome having to have the same conversation and hear the same whiney complaints time after time, I’m glad we have encountered this experience at this point in his life. And I feel like I have to say that all the ladies that work in the nursery that oversee the care of James and Audrey (and Olivia too) are wonderful ladies. Any parent can “sneak up” at any point and time to “watch” how their children are being treated and I have never once encountered a child being mistreated or seen someone turn a blind eye to inappropriate behavior (such as big kids picking on little kids). I feel very confident in this and if I for a moment thought James had been or was being improperly taken care of for the short hour I leave them there, I wouldn’t leave them. Seriously, James just doesn’t forget things and takes things very personal!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Maybe the title should be “advancement” but whatever. James and Audrey graduated (or advanced) from their Pike class to a Guppy class in swim lessons. They are doing so great and love every single minute of it!!! Last month we switched days and got a different teacher and I am so glad that we did. Coach Amber is beyond wonderful. The kids adore her, respect her and have learned so much in just the month we’ve known her! Audrey has come so far, so, so far. I am so proud of her as she now jumps off the diving board into the 12 feet deep water and swims to the bottom in the shallow water to get toys. And James continues to amaze me at his natural skill. He picks up every new thing almost instantly and glides through the water like a pro. I think I can see a swim team in his future!! The downside of advancing? The Guppy class starts 40 minutes later than the Pike class and lasts about 15 minutes longer so our Monday’s and Wednesday’s just got a lot longer! But, it’s well worth it.

Michael Jr. in position :)

James’ best bud in the whole world started lessons
last month and the 3 of them had such a blast together.
But Cason started about 4 months behind them so he is still in 
Pike classes. But they still get to splash around together for
a few minutes anyway!


Friday, March 2, 2012

Just Sayin'

And they wonder why I don’t let them check out books from the library any more.