Sunday, June 22, 2014

And Then She Was 3

My Sweet Livi Ray,

Your daddy and I listened over the monitor last night to your sweet, precious and tiny voice singing a little song. Well you were really humming it and we have no idea what it was but we do know it brought tears to our eyes. Listening to you and wondering how in the world you have grown up so fast. But not questioning how you have captured our hearts so fully.

You are a kind hearted, affectionate, sensitive, hard headed, sassy,  tenacious and full of life little girl. You are all in, no matter what it is. You have no idea what so ever that you are the youngest of the bunch. No idea that your siblings, most all of your cousins and all of your friends at church are no where close to being your age. In your little eyes you are just as big as every one else. And basically every one of those friends and cousins ADORE you. You and Audrey are very close, as you still call on her a lot to help you and you crawl in the bed with her often at nighttime when you get scared from the shadows on the ceiling coming from the fan. I’ve seen a big change in the relationship between you and James in the last few months and it makes me so happy! The two of you seem to have a little more patience with each other lately and he is quicker to try and help you when you need it and you are getting better at actually letting him help you.

You are 100% potty trained and have been since March. When we moved to Whigham (for 2 months) that was when you stopped sleeping in your baby crib. You took to it like a duck to water and when we moved back to the big house, we moved you upstairs and turned your old room into a guest room. You have your own room upstairs with a bed and dresser and all your toys and you sleep in there at nap time. But you still sleep in Audrey’s old toddler bed in the corner of her room at night time. You still have to have your 2 blankies to sleep with and even carry them around the house most days and lately have insisted on taking them to church as well. I don’t take care. It will be the saddest of days for us when you get too old for your bwankies. And every night I have to sing the 3rd verse of Amazing Grace (fru men) and You Are My Sunshine.

Your presence in our hearts and our home is still as joyous as ever. You tend to get feisty and shout a little (ok- a lot) when things don’t go your way  but we ARE working on that! You have an infectious smile and the most precious little voice that could melt the coldest of hearts. You win people over the moment they meet you, even if you aren’t that crazy about them. You tend to get miffed a lot lately when some one tells you what to do and me and your daddy have had to have a few serious “meetings” with you over these last few weeks.

You are not by any means what I would call a shy child. Most of the time you are totally unaware of the people around you and just enjoy your self. But within the last 2 months you’ve started to clam up every now and then when singing a song and someone looks at you. Or when you see someone at church or the library that you talk about all the time, you cling on to me for dear life. Or you will walk up to someone you have seen like 3 times in your whole life and ask for them to pick you up!!

You thought you were a part of James and Audrey’s Kindergarten class this year. And might I say that you won the hearts of all their classmates and both of their teachers! Every one loved to see you come in the room on Wednesday’s! The few times we would be in the room while class was going on, you would sit on the rug with Audrey and listen intently to Mrs. McCaskill. You even raised your hand a few times and tried to answer some questions!

I love you more than you could ever possibly know. Until the day that the Lord hopefully blesses you to become a mama you and your brother and sister will never understand how deeply my love runs for you. I would do anything to keep you from danger and I hope that one day, if you ever doubt my true love for you, I hope you will be able to read my letters and blog posts about you and be able to understand. I pray every day that the Lord will guide me to be the best mother that YOU need. I love you, baby girl. Always and forever,


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Case of Lip-itis

It’s H-A-R-D some days to keep the kids at bay about that big black box that sits in our living. Some people call it a t.v. I call it a babysitter. Not really. Just kidding. Okay, maybe I am somewhat serious. I admit, I do use it sometimes as a babysitter! I digress.

Somedays it’s hard to keep them from begging to watch it but honestly, the older they get, the easier it is for them to forget about it and really enjoy playing together and use their imaginations. Sometimes I have to give them idea’s about what to play and some days I don’t. And when I don’t and I find them playing something that takes a little imagination, it makes me proud. Today I found them in Olivia’s room, playing doctor. Olivia had chapped lips so James went to get some vaseline to apply to them. He called it a case of lip-itis. James was the doctor and he tied a shirt around his face for his surgical mask - genius. Audrey was the nurse and brought Olivia her tray of food to eat while in the hospital - caretaker. And Olivia was the patient being waited on hand and foot - baby sister. They play their roles quite well. They were playing library yesterday but I didn’t snap a pic of that!

P.S. When James saw him self in the mirror he said “I know! I look like one of those guys form Duck Dynasty!” hahahahaha!!!
P.P.S. I forgot to take my logo off and am too lazy to do it again.
P.P.P.S. James asked if I was gonna show this to any church people. I said why and he said cause I don’t want any body to see me doing this! Should I tell him now or wait till he’s older???? :)